Monday, February 21, 2011

How to make something cute even cuter...

No cards today - I took a few minutes to whip up some hair accessories for the girls.  Maia's my un-willing model, just because Sofia is at school.  Man, I'm pretty sure it took longer to get the shots than make 'em.  Is there an infant-version of ADHD?  Because I'd like to put a label on whatever Maia has that makes it virtually impossible for her to sit still.  Ever.

But those eyes...adorable, no?  I stitched 4 white, die-cut-felt flowers together and sweetened it up with a red felt rosette in the middle.  Can you see the green leaves sticking out near the bottom?  Like I said, hard to get any in-focus shot :)

Here's the second, an alligator clip that I covered with a handmade yo-yo flower and a miscellaneous button from my stash.  What a little sweetie (the clip and the baby).


  1. too cute, el! Thanks for posting! Love your blog!

  2. This girl is way too cute. She definitely takes after her mother

  3. Amar, why do you need an alias to comment on my blog? I know it's you!!!