Wednesday, October 22, 2014

of penguins and carolers {mama elephant stamp highlights}

This is my second post of the day. If you're looking for lawn fawn gingerbread tags, scroll down or click *here.*

It's time for Mama Elephant stamp highlights! We're showing off 2 sets today, arctic penguins and jolly & merry. The sets were meant to work together, with images in the one and sentiments in the other.

I made 2 cards for you today. First off, a sweet little lonely penguin.


The ice blocks in the set are really small, and I wanted to have a huge one that would fill the entire card width. Some selective inking and voila!

Here's an idea of what I did, although I didn't end up using this for my final card:

If you stamp the penguin first, and then build the bigger ice-block around him it works so much better. You don't need the lines to join up over the masked penguin.

I hope the picture makes sense to you! It's really easy to customize almost any stamp this way.

penguins & carolers {mama elephant stamp highlights}

Once I had him on his larger ice block, I used the partial die-cutting technique to cut them out together, and set him adrift on the ocean. Two different copic markers are all it took to make a sea and sky, and I used a white gel pen to doodle in some waves.


The sentiment is from jolly & merry, and so cute!

Speaking of jolly & merry, I just love the larger script words found in that set:


I created a giant tag shaped card, and used the starburst cover as a backdrop to my scene.  The alpine carolers are holding a string of Christmas lights.


Aren't they cute? A lot of masking and inking to get the entire tag covered in a night sky color, with a yellow glow for the sparkling lights.

I heat-embossed "merry" and let it spill up onto the images. It's nice and thin, so it doesn't overwhelm the carolers.

I hope you like both projects! There's more to see on the Mama Elephant blog today!


gingerbread tags {lawn fawn's october inspiration week}

Hi there! It's another day of lawn fawn inspiration:

gingerbread tags {lawn fawn's october inspiration week}

I don't know about you, but I'm getting lazy. If a set doesn't come with matching dies, I don't use it as much.

gingerbread tags {lawn fawn's october inspiration week}

Thank goodness there are now dies for Sweet Christmas. I have been wanting to make gingerbread house tags for such a long time, but never wanted to hand-cut them all.

gingerbread tags {lawn fawn's october inspiration week}

If you wanted to make them yourself, you can get 10 tags out of 1 sheet of kraft cardstock. That's pretty awesome.  I watercolored in some red after having heat-embossed them all, but they looked just as cute without that splash of color.

I went the extra set of adding a second house to the back, so that they can be used for folded tags, or teeny tiny little cards.  I like having options.

gingerbread tags {lawn fawn's october inspiration week}
Hope you like it! There's more to see on the lawn fawn blog this morning - click.

I'll be back in a few hours with new Mama Elephant projects - see you soon!


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

skating with joy {lawn fawn october inspiration week}

Welcome back to another day of lawn fawn's october inspiration week! We're all skating around with winter penguin and the scripty joy die.

I combined both on the same card for you today:

skating with joy {lawn fawn october inspiration week}

I did some fancy die-cutting, so that the scripty joy could have a longer tail end that connects with the penguin's skates. It's all one piece, people! And it wasn't that hard to do. I've been bitten by the partial die-cut bug. If you want a great lesson, check out Pamela's video *here.*

skating with joy {lawn fawn october inspiration week}

What I did: I die-cut "joy" first, but stopped the die-cutting right after the "y." I didn't follow through to the end. Then, I drew pencil lines of where I wanted the script to go, and stamped the penguin right there at the end. The fussy part was die-cutting the penguin. I sent it through the machine a few times, at different angles, to cut everything but around his left skate. Whatever the machine couldn't get to, I cut out with scissors.

When the entire thing was cut out, I propped it up on foam squares. You know, to show off my careful work to the full! And, for added drama, I placed it all onto a siren-red backdrop.

I hope you like it!  Check out what the other design team members made using winter penguin and the scripty joy die - click!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

peace and joy wreath {lawn fawn october inspiration week}

Hi there! and welcome back to another day of lawn fawn inspiration. Today, we're showing off new alphabets! Finley's ABCs and Violet's ABCs.

Here's what I created:

peace and joy wreath {lawn fawn october inspiration week}

I put the Violet's letters into the frame from Sweater Weather. They fit perfectly! And I love the fancy "and" included in this alphabet set. So pretty.

peace and joy wreath {lawn fawn october inspiration week}

I stamped an entire wreath using Deck the Hall branches onto the card base. Then, I stamped out half a wreath onto a separate piece of cardstock and cut it out using the partial die-cut technique. That way, I got all of the nice die-cut edges without the bulk of layering individual branches.

I hope you like it!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

lawn fawn october inspiration week: a sweatered moose.

Hi there! It's time to kick off lawn fawn's october inspiration week! You can enter their big giveaway *here.*

Today, the design team is showing off critters in the arctic.

lawn fawn october inspiration week: a sweatered moose.

I couldn't help but draw him a little sweater, and doodle the same pattern onto his hat.

A little tip, when you are masking more than 1 thing, like I did here with both the hat and the cardinal. Think about your stamping order. Here, I stamped the hat onto a piece of white cardstock, masked it and then stamped the moose. I knew where I wanted the cardinal to rest, though, so I wiped off some of the ink from the moose's left antler before stamping down. The only thing that isn't seamless is the fact that you can see the moose's back through the cardinal's feet (feet? gah.)

I wanted this card to feel as warm as possible, so I used a falling snow stencil and some embossing paste around the focal image, and roughed up the edges of the patterned paper. The texture created lends that cozy feel I was after.

I hope you like it!


Friday, October 17, 2014

my husband, the caroler and the alpine giveaway winner.

I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but before I begin, I just want you all to know how much it means to me that you like alpine carolers!  I have been blushing for a few days straight now.

When I wrote up my stampede post, I mentioned that I would show you how to customize the kids. I have 3 kids, and wanted it to look like that. You'll see a few projects where I did just that in the coming week.  So anyways, I was reading through the comments when I got to one that made me go: oh crap.

Wait a minute, Karen. You thought I meant I would turn a caroler into Amar? whoops. I hadn't thought of doing that, but....


I must warn you that what follows is extreme ridiculousness.

my husband, the caroler and the alpine giveaway winner.

haha.  Who knew that it would be as easy as wiping the ink off the top of the head, and scribbling in a beard?

my husband, the caroler and the alpine giveaway winner.

I cleaned off the ink right above the ears, stamped in the glasses and carefully drew in the scalp and beard. No sweat, and it kept me giggling for an entire hour straight.

I added some mistletoe up top, from the new set Peace on Earth, and created my own greeting to fit within the Bloomsies banner.

my husband, the caroler and the alpine giveaway winner.

I kind of love it.

Now, onto the giveaway winner! picked this comment:

Yay, Yainea! I will send out your set very soon!

In case you don't know what my hubby looks like, here's who I want to be smooching under the mistletoe come Christmas:


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mama Elephant October Stampede!

I'm so excited to be kicking things off for the Mama Elephant October Stampede! To celebrate their 2nd birthday, Mama Elephant is stretching the stampede into a 3-day-long affair, with different designers ready to wow you each day. All of the October products are available in the store right now.

Let's get this thing going with more Alpine Carolers, yes? I designed this set in collaboration with Kryssi and Angela and I couldn't be more excited to see what others will do with my sweet carolers!

Until you get your order in, here's my take:

mama elephant october stampede!

All of the masking makes me a happy gal.  I bunched them together to look like a family: mom, dad, brother and sister. I know I'm missing an older sister in there (and a bald hubby, ha ha) for it to look like my family, but I'll show you what you can do for that next week.

mama elephant october stampede!

I love the ornament and stocking and other accessories that they can hold onto. The little kids are obviously flapping them around...

mama elephant october stampede!

I also added in the "happy" die-cut and sentiment from the featured promo set. You can see the full set - click here! It isn't in the store this month, but you can snag it for free. And you should. Skinny scripts and red embossing make it perfect for the holidays.

Mama Elephant is offering some special deals this month:

♥ there will be a 10% discount code active for the duration of the 3 day stampede blog hop (HAPPY2ME)
♥ purchases over $100 will receive the HAPPY EVERYTHING stamp set free
♥ purchases over $150 will receive the HAPPY EVERYTHING stamp set and HAPPY SCRIPT die free.

AND, as usual there are giveaways!  Mama Elephant is giving away THREE $25 gift certificates each day of the stampede blog hop, for a total of 9 winners. In addition, there will be exclusive prize giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  The winners will be chosen and announced on the ME blog on Monday, October 20th.

You know what to do! Comment on this post, comment on the ME blog, follow them on facebook and twitter and good luck!

For AN EXTRA chance to win a copy of Alpine Carolers, you can enter my personal giveaway *HERE* until October 17th at midnight (EST.)

There's more to see today on these blogs:

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