Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a superhero's breakfast {CSS release in review}

Even superheroes need a good breakfast!

On Saturday morning (make that early Saturday morning, when it's much too dark to take the amazing pictures I'd like to have taken,) the kids found this sign, along with their best superhero costumes laid out for them:

Once in costume, they were led to the kitchen for a fun surprise:

 I love Sofia's face!  This is probably the angle she was looking at:

 Superheroes, power up to save the day!

I staged a fun little breakfast for the kids, using stamps and dies from Clear and Simple Stamps.

 They were greeted with their regular breakfast fare, only a bit dressed up for some extra special fun.

 Their regular green smoothie became "hulk smash smoothies" (yes, they get one almost every morning:  banana, peanut butter, wads of spinach, and milk.)


 Comic bursts makes the cutest muffin toppers.

 Boom! banana muffins.  (and a thank you to my crafty bff, Denise, for helping me come up with some of the breakfast names.)

For each breakfast food label, I stamped and accessorized a rag doll in superhero fashion, and then created a mask to be able to stamp either the sunburst or the comic book backgrounds "in behind."

 I did buy some special treat cereals for the occasion:  chocolate cheerios became "rings of power..."

 ...and frosted flakes cereal turned into "mr. freeze flakes."

 I re-created "captain america's shield" with a waffle star, surrounded by yogurt and berries in the appropriate red and blue colors.

 This banner hung off the table, so as not to compete with the chalkboard decorations...

I treated each banner panel the same way as I did the breakfast labels... my favorite part?  The s-u-p-e-r that I thought to stick into rag doll Mia's banner.

 The kids were seriously thrilled.  They were so excited and giddily happy for the rest of the day, and never changed out of their costumes.  (just as an aside, Maia was also eating breakfast, but she wouldn't don a costume, and demanded to eat on the floor, so as not to be photographed.  sigh.  but she was just as happy!)

After their superhero "power-up" breakfast, they were each awarded with these certificates:

Because, you aren't really certified until you've been doubly hereby certified.  *hee*

I hope you've enjoyed our little dressed up breakfast!  These designers have fun things to show off as well:

Jen Lori CSS


  1. Okay, I know I don't have to tell you this totally isn't my style... but I LOVE IT!!!

    I love the style of the fonts and Kapow! bubbles... they're so perfect! And your superhero food names are awesome!

    But I also love that you did this for your kids... how fun for them, and what an awesome memory!! What lucky little munchkins you have :)

  2. So cute... this is how you should make your kids eat everyday. :)

  3. Elena, you are the BEST. MUM. EVER!!!! Can you come to my place and make ME my breakfast? I'll dress up as a superhero for it. :-) Amazing! I'm smiling BIG right now.

  4. I officially want to come and live with you!

  5. This is great! I want you to be my mom!

  6. Oh...I wish everyday was Saturday and there was a surprise like this waiting for me...even I would consider eating a better breakfast. Wow, you are a SUPER clever mom. What a fantastic way to encourage healthy eating habits!

  7. dude!!! you are an amazing crafter and mom!!! seriously!! wow! i am BLOWN AWAy!!! no wonder your kids were giddy the rest of the day!! the attention to detail that you give each sign, banner, label, etc is just stunning! so so so so so so so so cool!!

  8. Elena, you are my mommy idol! Seriously...such a great crafter, a fun mom and you get your kids to eat spinach??!!!! This spread is amazing, such creative and beautiful touches, very well done!!

  9. You are a force of nature my friend! Utterly awesome! The expressions on the kids' faces are priceless!

  10. Oh Elena, I love this! My daughter would be thrilled to be greated by such a fabulous breakfast party. Fabulous job girl! Love it ALL!!!

  11. You have the best ideas ever! They are some lucky kids:) But, where was Maia?!

  12. What a fun way to start the day! You are a superhero!

  13. Seriously? This is awesome!!! Your kids must think you're the best. mom. ever.

  14. How fun is this?? I want to come and have breakfast at your house, Elena!

  15. What an amazing way to start the day! Too funny about Maia, she's too cute.

    I now want to paint a chalk wall

  16. Please adopt me :))))

    That is so great! I admire your ability to make holidays every day!

    Would love to take an example from you - and creat smth like that for my kids!Thank you for making me better Mom