Monday, January 26, 2015

House dreaming...

Hi friends!

I have a confession to make. I have been doing less card-making lately.

Here is what I have been doing:

1. Cleaning

Our house is up for sale! Keeping the house ready at all times for house tours is a full-time job. Or at least more intense than the regular routine. But on the upside, the kids are getting used to cleaning up their stuff at the end of the day and making their beds to perfection every morning. I can live with that.

Wanna hear my best tip for dusting your house in a hurry? You know how the laundry always eats a few socks, so there are the odd ones with no match? I grab one, put it on my hand like a sock-puppet and race around, wiping down window-sills and moldings every morning. In 20 minutes, I've wiped down all 3 floors worth of everything, and then I just drop the socks back into the machine. You know, in the hopes that their mates will magically show up the next time around. This works great for kids, too! They think it's hilarious and I don't have to worry about cleaning products around Maia.

2. Baking

I'm sorry to say that I have fallen into old habits with how I deal with stress. I'm choosing to not be bothered by the fact that my pants are feeling so tight lately. Because chocolate tastes so, so good. So does caramel and maple, FYI. See? I'm already calmer just thinking about the cupcakes I have upstairs in the fridge.

3. Illustrating

I have a few sets coming out with Mama Elephant in the next little while, and just playing around with drawing and illustrating other ideas for the future.  There is so much less clean-up involved with drawing as opposed to stamping and card-making. It's suiting me better for now...

Caveat: I didn't draw that balloon-holding-girl, but she is very cute!

4. House-dreaming

If I thought I was wasting time on Pinterest before, whoo! I am banking some serious hours lately, dreaming of what I want to do in the new house. I am eager, but I also feel a bit of crazy coming on. Do we keep an open staircase in the dining room or close it up so I have somewhere to place a buffet? Buy new sofas or keep what we have? Try our hand at bedroom molding, or leave the walls plainer? Buy a new bed or build ourselves a headboard? What kind of hardwood flooring: something light, something mid-toned? eeep.

It's exhausting.

But so exciting.

Would you like to see what I'm dreaming of? Since this has always been a card-making and party decor kind of blog, I thought I should ask first. Would it turn you off to see pictures of beds, and bedrooms, and projects that I'd like to tackle, or would that be fun?



  1. crafty breaks are needed for everyone - one reason or another ;) I say share away! it might inspire a card design!

  2. I would love to see anything you wanna share! :) I've been tackling away at a bunch of DIY interior only problem is, I keep starting in one room, then another idea comes to me for another room and now I have partial rooms that are not completed all the way! ha. It'll get there, though. ;) Best wishes on selling your home and moving! :)

  3. I am all for sharing your ideas! Creativity comes in many forms!

  4. Share away...this is also about your least that is my opinion. I blog for me and if anyone else stops by then it's an added bonus. I would follow your heart. I enjoyed your entry today! Good luck with your house selling and having three girls make their beds every morning...way to go mom!

  5. Share away!!! Maybe if you do special studio designing posts for when the time comes to making your space for creativity in the new home. Or the process from start to finish of packing up your studio to moving and then the completion of your new creative space in your new home?

  6. Great post, Elena! I'm so excited for you!

  7. Great post!! I really enjoyed reading about your current endeavors and sources of inspiration. I hope you continue to make posts such as this and do what makes you happy! Thanks for sharing the sock tip, I have to remember that one lol! And I can't wait to see what you've been working on with Mama Elephant <3!