Monday, October 19, 2015

oh snap! {lawn fawn}

Lawn Fawn's October inspiration week continues with a closer look at Oh Snap.

Whenever I hear, "oh snap!" it takes me back to that high school time when girls were more catty. If someone said something and got schooled, we would yell "oh snap!" right? anybody?

Soooo, these gingerbreads are being a little catty. Standing off to the side with their holiday treats, and spectating their friend's bad fortune.  He looks so pitiful with his broken leg and no holidays hat or treats. Poor guy.

oh snap! {lawn fawn}

I can't lie, I giggled the whole time I was making it.

I did some masking and partial die-cutting on the 2 mean-girl gingerbreads. The hats and accessories are from the set Holiday Party Animal.

I hope you like it! There's more to see on the lawn fawn blog today - click!