Tuesday, September 25, 2012

hey sweet thing!

Sooo, I think my new favorite challenge is 1-layer cards.  If something doesn't look right, I have to start all over, instead of just figuring out what else I can slap on there (oops, did I just give away my best design secret? ha.)

This week's CSS style-watch was all about 1-layer cards.  Inspired by the cards that Amber created, I came up with this:

I started with a white card-base and layered the images as follows:

1.  I placed a strip of painter's tape all around the outside (so that my lined background would have a crisp edge.)  I pressed the tape onto my pants (ok, let's be honest since I crafted in the evening: hot pink joggers) to remove some of the tacky-ness... I wanted to make sure it didn't rip my card-stock when I pulled it up.

2.  I die-cut both the label (from the mini tri-fold 1 die) and the cake from masking paper and placed them on the front of the card.  The cake die sticks out past the tri-fold die on the sides and the bottom, so I had to have both of them on there at the same time.

3.  I stamped the lined background (from designer lines), and then, before removing the sticky-papered-die-cuts, created stitch lines all around.

4.  I then removed the sticky paper, and stamped the cake (from cake decorating).  I added the button detail to the front of the cake (love that image!) and gave the stand and the buttons a quick color with copic markers.

5. Lastly, I added the sentiment (from sweet sentiments) and glossy accents to the buttons.  I then let it dry overnight, remembering the last smear-incident that happened from handling glossed elements too quickly.

Hope you like my 1-layer card!

Until next time...


  1. So striking. You are the queen of masking. thanks for the tutorial, also.

  2. It's gorgeous! 1-layer cards are starting to become my favorite thing to do :-D

  3. It's wonderful!! I love how you did the stripes and created the border. And who doesn't love a 3-layer cake??!!!

  4. LOVE!!

    And why do you think I love the distressed style so much? ;)

  5. love the taped off edges...gotta remember that one:)