Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What we've been up to...

We don't have a Christmas tree up yet.  And, this is huge, considering we usually have it up the day after American Thanksgiving.  

As of this afternoon, this is our living/dining room (yes, we do have a tiny home):

When the new moldings were first going up, without any paint on them, Sofia declared that she hated them, and would be "embarrassed to have any friends over ever again!" Oh dear, someone turned into a ball of hormones and chose renovation time to let us know...

But, aren't the new crown moldings so pretty?  In case anyone would like to know, the wall color is Benjamin Moore's "edgecomb gray" - and is a bit less taupe in real life.  We've also "crowned" and painted our kitchen and little powder room, in BM's "boulevard" - a deeper, and more mauvy grey.  Very pretty.

Apart from the Christmas decorations, I'm most excited about having my dryer hooked up again.  A family of 5 does not function without a dryer in the winter... there were not enough surfaces to lay out our wet clothes this afternoon...

One thing that hasn't changed:

The chalkboard wall is here to stay.  And semi-dressed for Christmas.  The kids were thrilled to come home from school and find the advent calendar moved to the kitchen.  Days 1 through 12 were opened upstairs in our bedroom.

It's a beautiful life!


  1. Beautiful indeed E! It looks fab - thanks for a peek into your world :) Dinner at the Roussakis house next time, lol!

  2. That new crown molding is so amazing- I always LOVE when people have that in their house! Also your new built-in is beautiful. Loving these photos- hope you'll post more of your picture-worthy house. (Seriously, your house looks like it's out of a magazine!) :)

  3. Everything looks so pretty! Be your wall colors!

  4. Oh my word it's absolutely beautiful!!

  5. So your chalkboard wall is in your kitchen? Alright...
    This looks fabulous, Elena! You're going to be so thrilled when it's all done!

  6. Amazing!! Wow! Good chatting today!

  7. Looks great! worth the wait I bet. I can't wait to see our purple kitchen :)

  8. I LOVE the mouldings!! so pretty:)

  9. Beautiful! What do you put in your agent calendar bags?

    1. thanks, Angela! I put a little chocolate for each child, but also little dollar store holiday trinkets - they were so excited to open them up every day!