Saturday, June 1, 2013

same bear, new look {saturday creations}


I finally got my Precious Remembrance "little one" set.  After all this time, after the rest of the design team has been brilliantly showcasing this set for the last few weeks, I figured I'd better come up with something fresh. something to razzle-dazzle you, and make you see the set in a new light.

I took the bear image from the set, and made it look like this:

same bear, new look

You see the difference immediately, right?  It hardly looks like the same bear.  I did some creative masking to give the cute bear a slouchier and more vintage teddy look.

same bear, new look

I did have to paper-piece the bear to get him to look just right.  Even with my mad masking skills (ha) it was too hard to get everything as perfect as I wanted, but by paper-piecing the body, it looks seamless.  The outline underneath is a little messier.... hee.  

If you want to try this at home, here's what I did:

1. stamp the bear onto masking paper or post-it notes.  cut the head and body out separately.
2. ink up only the body, as best as you can, and stamp down onto white cardstock. (you may need to use a wipe to remove some excess ink before you stamp down.)
3. mask the body and stamp the head, low enough to cover the bear's bow-tie.  (I replaced it with a different style from another set, to further the transformation, but you can certainly paper-piece the bow included with the bear image.)
4. pop up the bear's head, so when people see the outline image underneath, they'll think you are even more of a masking superstar than you really are. wink.

Also of note: remember I told you: don't be afraid to cut up your stamps?  I took my regular paper snips to his "i ♥ hugs" belly.  I like the sentiment, but I love the freedom of being able to stamp the bear without having to wipe ink off every time I didn't want it there.  

same bear, new look

I love the cute accent lines that Dyane adds to every set.  This one has dashed lines and stars and is perfect for making baby cards.

I hope you like my inaugural "little one" card!  Have a great weekend!


  1. I like the way you changed up this little fella Elena, very cute card!

  2. Great card Elena! I actually like him better a little bit scrunched.

  3. What a chubby little bear! I love his new make over!!

  4. Elena this is adorable! And I love the idea of cutting the stamp for additional versatility!