Friday, May 1, 2015

new house lighting

When we first walked through the house, a few things were obvious. We would need to rip out wallpaper and repaint... and we would have to replace most of the lighting.

Nobody wants boob lighting, amirite?

On top of that, there were fixtures like this:

We both know that the dining room fixture had to go...

 So I decided, new lights everywhere! I have to admit, I was a bit naive... I didn't realize how expensive lighting can be. In our current home, we replaced all of the lighting when we moved in, 10 years ago, as a childless couple on an Ikea budget. Meaning, we bought every fixture from Ikea. ha. Except for the one from Homesense... I almost had a heart attack when I figured how much was being spent on lighting. pffft.

But at 37 years old, we decided we wanted a more grown-up looking home. And my hubs was getting scared of all the light-colored walls and white furniture I was talking about. He said the words "too girly."

In the spirit of compromise and making my partner happy, we decided on these lights for our main living areas:

While I keep painting our dark wood furniture to white, the lighting can help the space look more tailored. manly, even. ha.

I keep looking at the boxes, and I can't wait for all the ceilings to be painted in the new house! I want to see these beauties go up!

In case any of them catch your eye, here are the links:

stairwell chandelier: Lowes
dining room fixture: Lowes
entryway pendant: Wayfair
powder room lights: Wayfair and Wayfair
kitchen flushmounts: Home Depot

Please note: I linked to the Canadian Lowes and Home Depot sites. 

Let's talk paint colors next time, yes?


  1. I love this post! Fun that you added links to the sites where you can find the lights too.

  2. Boob light, ha! I had an apartment with boob lighting... must say, not a fan at all. I am always surprised by how pricey lighting can be, but you've managed to find some really bargains! Love the lighting choices and thanks for sharing the links! :)

  3. You just taught me something and I have a few boob lights. Oh my!!!!! Well I guess someone has to have them!
    Can't wait to see colors!