Monday, February 22, 2016

Easter signs {Just ME digital stamps}

Hi there!

I'm so excited to announce that I've added some Easter-themed digital stamps to my shop (click!)

I'll be highlighting the different images this week, and running some giveaways.

First up, my favorite of the series: Easter Signs.

easter signs (just ME digital stamps)

I'm trying something a little different this time, with these images. I've created more of a full set for you, with many different mixing and matching options.

With Easter Signs, you'll get the entire scene fully assembled, as well as each element separately and different sentiment options for inside the signs.

easter signs (just ME digital stamps)

I can see myself using the little bunny image alone, with his blank sign, to personalize an Easter tag for one of my kids. I've also included the sheep alone, and the sentiments separately.

easter signs (just ME digital stamps)

I've even blown up and included the little carrot and flower images that you see in the bunny's signs, as well as the trio of Easter eggs. There is also a third sentiment option, and it's so cute!

I'll be sure to share a colored version soon!

I hope you like Easter Signs! For a chance to win it for yourself, visit me on instagram

But before you go, tell me how you like your lamb colored? In darker grey like on the first card, or soft fleshy pink like in the second? I'll color my next lamb however you choose.



  1. I love this little scene! I like both versions...the grey is a more natural colour for the lamb, but the softer colours tie in nicely with the overall look. Once again, you rock in the design!

  2. Adorable images and cards! I like both lambs but I think I prefer the grey one.

  3. Oh - they are both DARLING!!! I love them both - but the grey reminds me of the sheep we raised while I was growing up! :)

  4. Very cute Easter digis. Love the grey version of the lamb.

  5. Awww...they are so cute, Elena! I'm partial to the black and whites in any critters, but especially lambs. Http://
    Since Google can't get it together and have an Admin delete my dead blogger profile with closed email for my blog imported to WP 2012!

  6. I love the lamb! I love it both colors, but my favorite is black!!