Thursday, March 10, 2011

friendship jar

I resisted for so long... but those tulips sent me over the edge - I had to have this set!  And by the way, I WAITED for it - I don't know what Canadian customs was doing with my package for, like 3 weeks, but whatever.

It's a really, super-simple-I-just-want-to-stamp-this-already design.  Hee!  And I decided against coloring the tulips for 2 reasons:

1- my copic skills are laughable (although in the privacy of my own home I'm a rockstar, they don't compare to what I've seen on other blogs)
2- I don't trust keeping copics on the table when my 3-year-old Thomas is crafting beside me.  He doesn't get the whole "those are your markers, these are mine" bit :)

So, we decided to use scissors.  He likes cutting into things better anyways - appeals to his boyish desire to destroy things... I paper-pieced the tulips and leaves while he destroyed the image I stamped for him.  He doesn't care for "too-wips," apparently... (When I first showed the set to my daughter, she was over the moon for the tulips - but Thomas kept thinking we were saying something about "2 lips."  He was confused when he couldn't spot a set of lips in the set - lol!)

Here's a close-up so you could see how I popped up the paper-pieced tulips (but not the leaves).  I thought it gave a bit of dimension to an otherwise simple card.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love the paper piecing you did with the tulips. Awesome job!

  2. I love anytime you add dimension - you always do it subtly (as opposed to pop-up book style)!

  3. you make amazing cards!