Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farm fresh: barn box & gift tag set.

A sweet little barn-box, filled with 8 farm-fresh, 100% certified pure country tags :)

I used the PTI shape up series: barn die to create my box.  First, I die-cut a barn shape and stamped it with the barn-board image from "background basics: farm & barn." I think I squealed in delight after that step :)  I die-cut the barn again in black cardstock and used that to fussy-cut the strip for the roof-top, added a white framing around the doors, and sewed the barnyard "X" onto each door.

To create my little box, I die-cut another barn and used the 2 pieces to sandwich a simple box shape.  (To make the box between the barns, I cut a sheet of red cardstock down to 5 inches by 8 inches.  On the 5 inch side, I scored at 1" and again at 4".  On the 8 inch side, I scored at 3.5" and again at 4.5".)

Well hello there, little chicken!

Inside the barn, I tucked 8 gift tags in 4 different designs, held together by the red-checked border at the bottom, the kraft-y colored sunburst, and the black-inked sentiments & farm images.

 Oh, and thank you Ikea, for providing the plush farm animals, perfect for my little photoshoot.  And thank you Maia, for letting me borrow them for 5 minutes... albeit begrudgingly...


  1. oooh! perfect country goodness!
    Love your work!

  2. Love this project, Elena. It's totally adorable. The stitching on the door is a sweet touch.

  3. Love love LOVE this... I haven't ordered this set yet, but I am weakening...

    I love the whole idea of your gift box, and you executed it *so* perfectly! And the animals are the perfect models... it's so good Maia could share for a minute!

    Here's one for you:

    Emma (3.5 yrs) comes into the kitchen with her Fisher Price Dr's kit and says, "I have to go take the elephant's blood plessure..."

    I just about DIED. What 3 year old knows about blood pressure?! Oh yeah, mine does, because months ago I told her that's what that part of the doctor set was for! hahaha...

    1. I'm picturing an elephant having his blood pressure taken by a 3 1/2 yr old girl right now...and loving the mental image! heehee.

  4. Oh, dying of cuteness. Love your little barn set. I'm so glad I got this stamp set, although, now I am wishing I had that barn.

  5. I finally placed a PTI order, and now wishing I'd added this! SUPER cute! :)

  6. Oh my goodness! This is so cute! Love the tags, the barn and those tiny stuffed piggies!!

  7. So stinkin' adorable!!! I love the barn gift box, so so cute! The tags are perfect and I love the little stuffed piggies. :-)

  8. I think I'll use the word "Howdy" today.

  9. This is the box idea and to fill it with those adorable smart and CREATIVE!

  10. Fantastic Elena, I love what you have done with that set.

  11. Love this!! :)
    I'm SO making some of these for a gift for my mom and sister...
    they are in a word...
    can you say "country"?
    I'm 99.9% country...they're like 210%!!! :)
    So happy that I can come and get inspiration from others so that I don't have to do any thinking...
    sometimes I really just don't like to! :)
    These are FABULOUS!! :)

  12. What a fabulous project! Love it!

  13. See, I knew you'd blow me away with how you'd use this set!
    Wonderful tags, Elena, and I love how you made a box out of the barn (& stitched on it, too!)

  14. Oh goodness, this is cute!! I do not need this set....I do not need this set....shoot, must have the barn die at the very least!

  15. O my god, that is brilliant! Absolute YUM!

  16. This is sooooooo adorable and so very creative! Would love to get a cute little Gift Tag set like this! You need to do a Giveaway... I'll gladly help you out and save you time, just mail them to me!!!! hehehe!
    Crafty Hugs,

  17. Such an awesome project. Love those little piggies too!!

  18. Oh my giddy Aunt! Now that's what I am talking about! This is so fabulous. Sheer genius!