Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanks a bunch {CSS release in review}

Last month, I did a lot of sewing with these fruit appliqués... but sewing always has me holding my breath and tensing every muscle in my back and arms (mostly because I'm still such a beginner...) so I thought I'd move back to paper for a very fun & easy fruity card set.

 Here's each card a little closer up, in their "Brady Bunch-esque" mug shots...

And, giving a card set is nice, but giving it with a little bag of treats is better.

I used one of our clear candy flat bottom bags, and filled it with yogurt-covered-strawberry-gummies (does that make it almost healthy?  hee hee.)  I decorated the bag with a folded doily, and a button and ribbon to match the card set.  The tag features the only stamping in this whole post:  I stamped a raspberry in watermark ink, and attached the "thank you" favor flag... quick & easy...

Hope you like my "thanks a bunch" gift set!  These designers have fruity things on their blog for you too:


  1. Eeeeeeek! I just LOVE these! What a cute ensemble! Love the colors you used too. I have the Strawberry/Watermelon, but that apple is calling me! So cute!

  2. Love love LOOOOOVE the gummy treat sack (those are totally healthy, as I put them on my sugar-overload-party treat table, thinking they looked super compared to the cookies and cupcakes!). I think the doily dresses things up so beautifully, and yet so simple. PINNING!

  3. Fabulous card set and treat bag! And yes, it looks super yummy!