Monday, November 19, 2012

send it by gingerbread mail... {lawnscaping challenge}

Happy Monday!

It's time for another lawnscaping challenge - time to work on your stash of tags!  (Or, slap a tag on a card, in my case... you know I like to be all "iron chef" in this crafty kitchen...)

I'm sending some sweetness via gingerbread mail.  I used "you've got mail" and mixed it in with some "sweet christmas" to create this card.  (Note:  I used the postage stamp image from PTI's "postmarks" set instead of the one in the lawn fawn set because it was a bit bigger - didn't want to squash little Gingie!")  

Also, who says the holidays have to be all red & green? (me.  I do.  I say it all the time.  But just pretend it's all silence for now...)  I'm rocking my favorite red-blue-white combo here... very airmail appropriate, no?

If you ever decide to CASE this card, do me a favor and make the gingerbread house detachable, will you?  That would have been awesome.  A card & christmas ornament, all in one.  The more creative ideas only come once the glue has been applied... ha.

Remember, no peeking until Christmas!  (That was more for my kids than for you... because, if they're anything like me, they might just sneak around the house, find wrapped presents, artfully and carefully unwrap them to see what's inside, and then re-wrap them so that no one is the wiser... it's possible I may have done that over the period of 5-6 Christmases... *wink*)

I can't wait to see your tag creations!  Link them up to the lawnscaping challenge blog and you could win a prize!  We're being sponsored by lawn fawn this week.


  1. I love this. It is absolutely adorable and i love the color combo and I WILL case this card and I WILL make the house detachable, just for you! LOL! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I adore this card! My brightest ideas often come after I've sent the dang card, DOH! I like traditional colors too but then someone makes something all spectacular and I'm like, "ohhh, see, fun colors!". Love what you made :)