Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Eye see you.

I may be showing Christmas cards in October and ice cream parties too, but on the day before halloween, I am going to share a halloween project.  It's all about priorities, people... plus, tomorrow's post isn't halloween-related at all, so...

Do you give treats to your kids' classmates for halloween?  I admit that I don't, but if I did they might look something like this:

eye see you!

Eyeball gumballs in a clear box (because really, how could they be staring at you from anything but a see-through-box?) and a simple banner tag slipped into the front.

I heat-embossed the banner outline and the "see you" lettering.  The big eyeball is so fun - I bought a baggie of them from our local dollar store back when I did Thomas' monster party.

Sidebar: I have to make my husband a costume today - fingers crossed that I can get 'er done.