Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting to know me blog hop

Hi there!

Today's post is a little different.  I am taking part in a kind of blog-tag-you're-it chain hop - the getting to know me blog hop. I was tagged by some of my favorite crafty friends to answer questions about my creative process and at the end of the post I'll send a high five to a few more who will continue the chain in their own posts next Monday.

I was nominated by some amazing bloggers: Melania (Deasy), a previous Gallery Idol winner and all-around blow-your-socks off creative mind, and also Taheerah, whose style is ethereal and dreamy and always unexpected. I am proud to count both as friends.

Let's get started!

1. What creative projects are you currently working on?

I have piles of Mama Elephant and Lawn fawn stamps in my work area.  I am so blessed to be a part of both company design teams and I am in the middle of working on projects that will go live in a few weeks.  I am also learning how to use Adobe Illustrator.  I offered a free digi stamp last month (click!) and I'm working on a new one for you - it will probably be offered later this week. Here's a sneak:

the sentiment is courtesy of Altenew.
Lastly, I was asked to help create table decor for a fall ladies' event at my church.  I'm thinking some brainstorming and a test-run or 2 may be in order this week!

2. What inspires your designs?

Inspiration can hit at any time: a wallpaper design, how things are stacked up in a display window, or the layout of a print design. I am first and foremost inspired by fellow crafters, especially fellow design-team members. Sometimes, I create something and think: so great! and then I see what the others made and I am in awe. I would love to craft with some of them to see how they operate!

3. What method or process do you apply to each of your creative projects, and how long does each project take to complete?

I'll answer the time component first: a looooong time. Even though I'm a stay-at-home-mom, I don't like to ignore my babes to work on stuff (even though, in a crunch, it's been known to happen as much as I try to work ahead and stay organized.)  I try to limit my crafty time to before they wake up and naptime. That doesn't leave enough of a chunk to start and finish a project all at once.  I find that I need to start with a clear vision, so I always sketch ahead, or at least figure out my focal images first. I may stamp and color an image in the morning, then work on the background in the afternoon and figure out placement in the evening. That's just how I roll.

4. If you have to describe your signature style, what would it be?

It's definitely cute. And as CAS as you can get with sponged edges? ha. I'd say I still like things to look clean and un-busy, but it has to look cute, dynamic, and fun. Quirky, even. I'm not too good at this, huh?

5. What 3 crafty tools or products can you not live without?

This is an impossible question. I obviously need stamps, a copic-compatible black ink and copic markers. But paper would be nice too, and at least scissors. This answer is a #fail. I can't narrow it down to 3 items!

If you've made it through my babbling (!) it's time to hand off the baton to 3 more worthy card-making bloggers:

Chari Moss - one of the lawn fawn teammates I was talking about. She's creative and her designs are so sweet, with just the right amount of quirky to make me go whoa! Did you see the pacman card she made? Like that.

Wida Miller - the newest HA girl on the block. I'm happy to have known her from way back when. She layers things with an ease that I can only dream of, and always has an unexpected pop to her cards.  And, the icing on the cake is that her blog posts are as much of a treat to read as they are to look at. She makes you feel like you know her when you follow her blog.

JJ Bolton - I mean. of course she's on my short list. She's a cardmaker, stamp and die designer, and all around genius. The things she thinks of doing with dies is beyond what my brain can come up with.  Plus, I have a huge weakness for party crafting - hee.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a beautiful Monday!



  1. Fun to read a little more about your process, I'm glad I'm not the only looooooong time creator!

  2. Great post! Really enjoyed reading about your creative process! <3

  3. That's pretty cool to read! You are so sweet, no wonder you bake a lot! :))

  4. LOVE reading more about you and excited for your new digi release:)