Friday, April 1, 2011

monster love!

Is he not the cutest?  

I'm in a great mood today.  A giving mood.  Sooo, I'm going to let you all in on my secret to crafting in a hurry (ie, when the kids are napping or aren't clawing at your legs or asking for more chocolate milk because they're hunnnnnnnnnngry.... lol).  Here goes:

Save yer stuff.  

This card came together in 10 minutes (and I promise you at least 7 of those minutes was spent threading those buttons... grrr....)  The sun-rays were already stamped onto the kraft paper, and the "sun-circle" was already roughed-up.  The monster with his insanely cute googly eyes was already colored and cut out.  The strip of stamped "ground" was also a scrap from another project.  All of these pieces were rejects from different projects.  I couldn't get them to work at the time, but I like how they came together here!

In 10 minutes, I stitched a crazy pattern into the sun (mostly because that's all I can manage for now), stitched the ground under the monster's feet, and stitched the "strings" for the button-balloons.  All that remained was to fill the space on the right with the greeting: monster love x3!

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend :)


  1. I LOVE the stitching, especially of the sun! It adds to the quirky theme. Love it. :)

  2. I could NEVER do that in 10 minutes! haha. I'd be undoing-redoing-undoing-redoing...but yeah, most people with a craft-bend would have no problems. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh my! This is super adorable! You made THAT in 10 minutes, amazing! I love the stitching on the sun and those incredible button balloons! :)

    It's such a long wait at customs for supplies hey? I just got my March PTI stuff too. What part of Canada do you live in?

  4. This card is absolutely adorable. Love the sun's stitching. You must save your 'rejects' in an organized manner to pull this off in 10 minutes. I'm impressed!

  5. a fave...and a b-day card i'll be requesting a (fraternal, if need be) twin to in our busy bday boy circuit this summer.