Wednesday, April 27, 2011

twinkle your toes...

The day after the pirate party, we re-dressed the house for our ballerina extravaganza (ok, not really an extravaganza, but there was a lot of pink everywhere).  Here are some of my favorite shots - enjoy!

the birthday girl - already 6 years old!

love her brother's feet in the shot *rolls eyes*.

a shot of our decorations - I made them all!

felt banner made with PTI dies

my paper-napkin flower garland

tutus on a line - one for each girl

tissue-paper-poms hung on the chandelier

a centerpiece for the table

crepe paper rosettes

I worked on these decorations for a good month or 2, just little-by-little.  I really enjoyed the process - it was fun to be able to work through the long list of online tutorials that I've been meaning to try out!

warming up for the ballerina, with Thomas supervising!

a ballet class!

even Maia wore a tutu

When the girls came, they were each given a tutu, and told that a *real* ballerina would come a teach a class for them - it was so cute how excited they got!  They started stretching to get ready for her - hilarious!  They really enjoyed her - and her 30 minute class was the perfect length of time: some of the kids started slinking off to the snack table to sneak more chips somewhere around 25 minutes in, haha.

a party on the inside
The cake got so many compliments, but it was dead easy!  I mixed food coloring into each layer of cake batter in different amounts to get the layers of pinks.  My hubby declared it: ordinary on the outside, but a party every slice :)

favor tag

monogrammed tee

Each girl got a parting gift of girly trinkets, a ballerina bookmark (that doubled as the tag) and an embellished, monogrammed tee.  I think they were a hit!  

We had a fantastic time, and Sofia loved it all - I hope these memories will be cherished for years to come!

So now, 2 parties down - 1 more to go!


  1. Love those tutu decorations, the pink cake and the gorgeous favor tags!! What stamp is that that you did the pink ballerina image with? Gorgeous!!

  2. Elena EVERYTHING is FABULOUS!! You did such a GREAT job.. I bet the girls just LOVED it!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a GREAT day!

  3. you go, momma! so pretty, every detail!

  4. Wow! Looks like it was an absolutely AMAZING party! Great job on all of the decorations. :)

  5. Amazingly creative and beautiful! Not surprised coming from you, pretty lady!

  6. Woah. You are supermom! That looks like an amazing party!