Tuesday, October 23, 2012

halloween treats {CSS group project}

Something about packaging up little treats makes me happy.  Mostly because they combine my love of paper, with my love of eating treats...

With Halloween right around the corner, the CSS design team is offering up our best ideas for making the holiday "no trick" and "all treat."

I've been watching way too much Food Network tv... so, when I say that I've created a "duo" of halloween treats, keep that in mind *wink*

For my first offering, I've taken snack-sized sandwich bags and filled them with yucky-looking popcorn - perfect for the year's spookiest night.  I made a kettle-corn topping for the popcorn, but dyed it green in some spots before baking the whole thing in the oven.  The kids refused to try it at first, I had to tell them to close their eyes and take a bite - hee.  Its sugary sweetness won them over in the end!

Each baggie has a topper, featuring a dressed-up critter who's yelling: "a zombie sneezed on my popcorn!"  Ew.  But for Halloween - so awesome.

I used the new comic book background, in orange, but masked out a spot to stamp the critter-in-costume (using the new "little critter dress up" set.)  Some spooky black shading completed this first treat option.

For my second treat option.... brown paper bags!  I love these!  I die-cut the "build-a-critter" owl shape twice for each treat...er.... pouch.  Then, mustaches, fangs, and mummy wraps for all!  I die-cut all of the fashion accessories (from the new "build a critter dress up dies") and glued them on, along with a set of large, beady, googly eyes.

I sewed around the edge of the treat....er.... pouch, and, before sewing it up completely, stuffed it with treats.

The kid who gets the treat will have to do this:

Yup, ripped right into my mummy (thank God I spelled that mummy and not mommy...) and found some yummy tootsie rolls and halloween lollipops.

The other designers are packaging up halloween treats for you too:

Lori Jacklyn Kim Tracy Dana Laurie Jen Laura Audrey (guest designer)Amber (style watch)CSS


  1. love the zombie sneezed popcorn!! ha and the tear open treat bags are so cute!!

  2. Those brown paper treat bags are so so cute! It's a shame to have to tear them apart! Loving their eyes and mustache! You should totally make some in felt/fabric!

  3. I love your snotty popcorn! ;) Those tear open treat bags are adorable!! And I love how you dressed them up too... Adorable as usual! :)

  4. so cute! zombie snot popcorn!! love it! such creative packaging! love the sewn owl pouches!

  5. So, so cute! You're the best mom making all these cute treats.

  6. ubber cute! Love the saying on the popcorn and the little owl treat bags...love!!! I think I will borrow some of your Halloween ideas :)

  7. How fun! Love the brown paper bag owl treat bags--and the zombie sneeze-coated popcorn totally made me laugh!

  8. Elena, these are so clever. I love that sentiment and the boogery popcorn. That rocks!

  9. Both treats are so creative and just plain fun!

  10. Dang, this is so awesome! AWESOME I SAY!