Friday, October 26, 2012

monster-carnival party decorations.

Hi peeps!

It's been awhile, but do you remember the monster-carnival invitations I posted?  I know you've been waiting with bated breath for me to post the rest of the decorations...

 Here's the whole lot - Do you see the cake-stand on the right with the piles of banners?  Because, how are you supposed to photograph 10 banners?  hee.

 I took cues from the invitation to create this fun food-table banner.  Each panel was way too large for me to use any existing stripe stamps, so it was me, a black copic, and a ruler to get 'er done.  worked perfectly.

 All of the food & treat items were given labels (love all of the names that my client came up with - I'm pretty sure that "monster hair" is for some kind of licorice, and not for, say... pasta.  but I could be wrong.)

 I have a few milk bottles lying around, so I thought I'd show you what the drink labels would look like....

 but there are a few more...

 These guys are getting slapped on little treat boxes... some of them ended up with black teeth, which is cracking me up.  Ahhhh ,the beauty of handmade!

 If there were a plate of monster cookies in front of me right now, I'd be chomping down on them like that monster...

 Of course, every carnival guest needs their own little baggie of carnival tickets... and fun tags to go with...

 mmmm.... monster tongues.  for those round, foot-long gum dispensers...

This is one of the 10 banners that were folded up in a pile in that first photo.  They will each hang over their own carnival game booth.

I hope you enjoyed your walk-through the decorations!  I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of the party after this weekend (*squints eyes at Lisa*)  It's gonna be huge!

Have a great weekend, all!


  1. Stripes. Monsters. Milk jars. Love. :) I absolutely love the carnival tickets!!!

  2. monster tongue. of course. that was all kinds of a lot of stuff! way to rock a theme!!

  3. oooooh!!!! SUCH a great party pack!

  4. It turned out great! I love all of the details

  5. WOW. THAT is going to be a party!!! I love everything you created, and how awesome you did pulling your theme together in everything! (Of course)!

  6. I feel like broken record, Elena. Fantastic stuff, I tell 'ya! Any client of yours is super lucky to know you. Fabulous banners!!! Thanks on the tip using copics for stripes. I don't have any big stripe stamps in my stash either. Great idea!

  7. so cool!! what kid wouldn't love this!?!?!

  8. This is so cool!!! What a great set of decorations. That monster is awesome and you used him so many different ways. Love it all!

  9. I just love this stamp set...I think I'm going to have to break down and buy it after all the great things you've done with it :)

  10. The banner looks fantastic against the black wall

  11. Your party(s) look so fun! Love the decor and your decorating.

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