Sunday, February 9, 2014

filled with love {A Delightful Waste of Time blog hop}

Happy Sunday! One thing I love about crafting and blogging is the friends I've picked up along the way.  My buddy and fellow canuck, Meredith, makes the most gorgeous vintage cards, with ribbons and layers that I can only dream of re-creating.

To celebrate a new, love-themed kit in her shop, she's asked a few bloggers to create cards using its items.

I'm not a ribbon kind-of-gal, but I did my best:

filled with love.

I love the time card included in the kit! My first instinct was to have a really cheesy "i'd love to spend all my time with you" sentiment, but I opted for something a little more classy. hee.

The sequins included in my kit  are shades of pink, and perfect for creating a little shaker.  I added teeny-tiny hearts in hot pink and white to fill in the area.

I hope you like what I've created! There's more to see here: MeredithLaura, Laurie, Wida.

Visit Meredith's shop and receive a 10% discount until the end of the month.



  1. THANK YOU!!! I am so grateful to you for doing this, and for working with crinkly ribbon! Haha.. It's gorgeous and I love it, and you!!

  2. This is just so sweet! I love how you created a shaker with that time card tag!

  3. So pretty!! Love the card with the heart shaker, it's super sweet :)