Thursday, August 20, 2015

birthday wishes {mama elephant}

this card is a total lie. I know my way around an oven.

if i'm being honest, though, this isn't the first time i've tried to play off laziness by pretending to be cute/dumb.

who, me? i have no idea how to do that. ask someone else.

birthday wishes {mama elephant}

The Mama Elephant design team is showing off the new set, Birthday Wishes. It comes with the big, bold happy birthday script you see above, and so many quirky subtext sentiments.  I love that giant script, and how it fills up the front of the card!

birthday wishes {mama elephant}

The second sentiment was cut up (and by cut up, I mean, cut up. every line.) and stamped into the critters' message boards. They are from the Three Amigos set.  I love that they look almost sheepish about it.

Who, me? Dunno how. Ask someone else. But happy birthday!

I hope you like it! There's more to see on the ME blog this morning - click!



  1. LOL. THAT is so STIKIN' CUTE! (AND, I believe that you know your way around an oven...LOL)

  2. Awesome card! Thanks for sharing!!