Monday, May 7, 2012

Milk & Cookies party.

I feel like I could nap for days... party season is officially over at casa Muni... 3 parties, in 3 weekends, for 3 very excited kids... it was crazy and fun all at the same time!

In case you missed out, Sofia kicked it off with her "sew seven" party.

Thomas' monster party is split into part 1 and part 2.

And now... milk & cookies!

We decided to keep things very simple for Maia.  She doesn't really have friends of her own yet, so we invited family to come and celebrate.  I created a *gasp* digital invite:

Staging Maia for a picture was, obviously, the easiest thing in the world.  Just give a kid a cookie...

I dug up some leftover banners from her 1st birthday party last year (it pays to keep party decor...)  The ruffled crepe paper banner and the pom poms worked perfectly.  I created a simple banner using lawn fawn images and other stamps.  Here's a close-up:

Once I settled on a design for the banner, it was easy to continue creating more paper-goodness for the rest of the party.  For starters, everyone got a "cookie report card" - a kraft envelope...

 with all of the recipes inside... and a spot at the bottom to rate each cookie.  And speaking of cookies...

There were very yummy varieties: like peanut butter and jam thumbprints,

 classic chocolate chip...

 sugar cookies with white chocolate icing...

 nutella & marshmallow-filled oatmeal whoopie pies... (ignore the melting marshmallow on the side... I do paper-pretty more than food pretty!)

and... there were some cranberry/white chocolate chip oatmeal cookies that I was obviously too busy scarfing down to photograph.

You know how some people make health resolutions on January 1st?  Not me!  I hold out until after party season.  Time to detox all this sugar :)

ETA:  I had more than a few requests for the recipes!  They've all been abbreviated to fit into the small-ish recipe cards.... HERE YOU GO!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wonderful deorations as usual. Love the banner. So cute to place the letters of her name between the flags. Love the cookie report card idea. How creative. Also love the streamers sewn together.

  2. Another fun party! I love te theme! All of your decorations are fabulous! Are you willing to share any recipes, especially the whoopie pies?

  3. How cute is Maia??!! Love this party idea, and your presentation is gorgeous! And now I'm hungry for a cookie ;)

    Can you tell me which stamps you used on banners and labels?

  4. What a great spread and very cute decorations! That's a lot of fun hard work - Congratulations to you! Maia is so adorable!!! Now you just made me want to throw a cookies and milk party for myself :)

  5. What a wonderful party. All the details are so perfect.

  6. Can you come and plan my kids' parties, please? You do such a fabulous job!!
    Those cookies look delicious and hard to resist!
    And all your paper details are amazing! What lucky kids you have!!

  7. O my gosh, that is all so absolutely adorable! Paper pretty and cookie pretty and PLEASE-nutella AND marshmallow cream?? YUM-OH!

  8. You really could go into business with parties, y'know! I love your attention to detail!
    BTW: is a 30th too old to have a milk and cookies themed party?! ;D

  9. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...all the cookies look delicious, and the decor was perfect, of course! Great job Elena! :)

  10. This is AMAZING!!! - AGAIN! Agree with Amy - people would pay a fortune to have you decorate their parties like this. - so perfect!(you would have cried if you saw the cake I made for Ted's birthday - so embarrassingly ugly compared to this o-: - good thing Ted doesn't know what he's missing out on yet!!! Even if I could never do anything like this it is very inspiring - thanks! Hugs, Karin

  11. Fabulous! You should go into the party planning business.The cookies look wonderful and your daughter is a cutie too.

  12. know how to do a party. How fun for the kids.

  13. Elena, Where do you get your super powers??? I was scrolling through the last several gorgeous posts and you made me TIRED!!! :) Wonderful inspiration everywhere. I think the monster party would be perfect for my 50th just saying.

  14. Absolutely love this!!!! You have given me so many fabulous ideas for Joshua's party. I thought I recogized that ruffle garland. I used the same tutorial to make some for Leah's party last year. Unfortunately it is pink and green and won't do for Joshua, but I am sure I may find a way to use it again. It is such a fun party decoration.

  15. What a CUTE idea for a party!!! I love it! I love your invite image too - what a gorgeous little one!

    Now take a nap... ;)

  16. Hi Elina, what a fantastic party table,and the food looks yummie,I will try and e.mail you would love the recepies
    Ita from Ireland

  17. Fabulous! Soo creative and well-done! Your work is always so amazing! (Would you consider posting your recipes?? :)

    1. I just added the recipes into this post!

  18. Beautiful work! I too am interested in that Whoopie Pie recipe!