Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Monster party, part 2.

Hi, all!

Today, I'm walking you through Thomas' 5 year-old monster party: the decor, the activities, and the party favors.  If you missed all the food talk and dessert table decor, click *here* for yesterday's post.

When the kids walked in, I had monster coloring pages, crayons, glue sticks and googly-eyes waiting for them... (too bad I wasn't in photographer mode yet!)

After lunch, a rousing game of "Pin the Eye on the Monster":

(I'm pretty sure my nephew was cheating.  He said he was "re-arranging.")

I picked up some foam-core board at the dollar-store and painted my best monster onto it (based on the stamp set that I was using throughout the party, from my cute stamps)  I also added the same newsprint background that I had running through the party.

Next up?  Monster-cookie-decorating.  I baked sugar cookies into monster shapes (my daughter was right, they were deranged gingerbread men... but once those icing eyes went on, no one could tell the difference!)

 I think my nephew was the star of the show - but how cute is he, all concentrated on his cookie?

After that huge dose of sugar, what better way to keep the party rolling, than with a hubby-hosted monster-dance-party??  My hubs picked out all the tracks, and we got alll kinds of crazy:

Yeah, that's me with the dustpan (!)  The sprinkles were everywhere, but when "Thriller" came on, I couldn't help it.  And check my friends Bethany and Josh gettin' their grooves on... so when I show you the next picture, of their son, you'll understand that awesomeness runs in the family:

After dancing came dessert.  My Thomas specifically said he didn't care for a large cake, so we handed him a cupcake while all the kids crowded around to sing "happy birthday."  I love that smile!  (It's his awkward "I'll just stand here while everyone is staring at me"-smile... hee.)

Before the party wound down, we had some photo-booth fun:

(The silly mouths can be found *here.*)

As a parting gift, the kids got to take home a new, home-sewn, pet monster,

A fry-box of yummy treats,

and these:

I stamped images from the "eeek! it's a monster" set onto adhesive sheets, and punched them out. 

A special thank you to Tanya for grabbing my camera and snapping some of the shots while I was busy elsewhere :)

If you're still here, thanks for reading all the way to the end!  And thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who's left me sweet comments on the monster party decor so far!

Thank goodness Maia's party this Saturday is just for dessert :)  


  1. Oh please can I come to your next party?! What a fabulous theme - so much attention to detail! (Oh and I have a few moves up my sleeve for Thriller too *wink*)

  2. Just to let everyone know - those adopted monsters changed my son's LIFE. Momper is in a good home, being guarded from a beagle and cuddled through the night. <3

  3. you, dancin' with a dustpan. that's how you regularly run through my mind, el.

  4. What a wonderful party. You are the best mom!

  5. Just fabulous Elena--Mother of the Year!

  6. What a fun party! All of your crafts, food, etc were just perfect! Great job!

  7. Oh my goodness!!! Everything about this monster party is right on and almost every child would love.

  8. Fantastic party. Love those treat boxes with the popcorn. So many other good ideas; the photo booth, color own stickrs. So clever. I am sure your son's bday party was the party of the year.

  9. I am in awe of the effort you put into this party! Everything is so cool - thank you for sharing!

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  11. I totally get it, when Thriller starts, I have to get my groove on!
    This is totally and completely amazing! I'm betting all the kids will want monster parties now!
    Well done! Brilliant!

  12. el. seriously. you need to get paid to do this. too much amazing creativeness!! :)

  13. Okay, hand sewn monsters to adopt?!?!?! Those are so cute I want one! :) And the fry boxes are simply adorable. I love the monster grin station, too. I just went to check out that stamp company, and what adorable stamps and great prices! Thanks for introducing me to them!

  14. Oh my GOODNESS you have some cute little munchkins!!

    I love this party... if I had a boy, I'd totally steal the whole idea!!

  15. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! Looks like you all had a great time!

  16. I love everything but I especially love the photo booth with the monster mouths! What a FUN idea and your fry boxes are just the cutest!! What a wonderful party.

  17. wonderful party!! you did so much work! it all looks great and i'm sure the kids (and the adults) loved it!

  18. You.are.brilliant. SO SUPER CREATIVE and artistic, my friend! Wahoo! Way to go!

  19. You are amazing. There are no other words. I'm floored!!!

  20. Totally terrific! I agree, you should get paid for your party-making skills. Tell me: are you the one who had a pirate party recently?

    1. Not recently, but we did a small pirate party last year.... Probably not the one that caught your eye :).

  21. I can't believe I missed this!! I love seeing your decorations! Super, super fabulous! You truly are a fantastic party planner. I am thankful that I have my sis to pick up the camera and snap some party pics for me, too.