Thursday, May 10, 2012

spectacular you.

All that coughing I've been doing has lost me my voice.  What little I have left is either very sexy, or very manly...

And speaking of manly (how's that for a segway!), I'll be teaching a class next week, and was asked by the hostess to create something that can be either a father's day card, or a masculine birthday card.... Easy peasy, with the Wplus9 set, "super star."

Here it is in its just masculine version:

For Father's day, the Y-O-U can be switched out to D-A-D... both are included in the set.

I'm having so much fun with this set, and specifically, with that sunburst image - you've probably spotted it on a few of my recent cards...

I decided on a color palette of blue/green/orange/brown, layered my elements using these colors, and added some faux-washi tape at the bottom for fun.

Today being Thursday, it's time for another TMKS installment (that's "things my kids said," if you're new here *wink*)

I have a few snippets to share:

Maia, walking by and handing Sofia a book, exclaiming "here! enjoy!"  (she just turned 2 last week, keep in mind...and is snarky as all get-up.)

Thomas, telling me how great his party was, and how much he is looking forward to his "rockstar" party next year... WHAAAAAAAAAT?  (Blocking ears, closing eyes, singing "LALALALALALALALA - I can't hear you!" at top voice.)

Sofia, showing by example, helping Maia obey to pick up her toys.  The tantrum subsiding, Sofia exclaiming to Maia: "great job, Maia!  you're listening to Mommy... finally!" HA!

Thanks for peeking!


  1. Lovely card Elena, beautiful colour combination. TFS

  2. Great masculine card. And, as usual, your kids sound so adorable and sweet.

  3. Elena your card is fabulous! I have a wish list for Wplus9 and I just need to finalize and order! Just might be adding this set to my order. :)

  4. I forgot I had TWO to share with you!

    First, last weekend, Shirley had the kids and Emma was eating the scrambled eggs that were made for her. Out of nowhere, she's holding her fork with egg on it, and says, "Is this a JOKE?!"

    And the other one: There is a woman on my hubby's dad's side (uncle's g/f) who oversteps her boundaries with me BIG time. It causes a lot of confusion for the kids, and of course, grates on my nerve to no end. So I've been trying to teach Emma that if someone who isn't me, Dad, Grandma or my BIL tells her to do something, she can tell them that Mum is in charge. So again, she's at Shirley's (grandma) last week, and Shirley asks her to eat her dinner. Emma looks at her and says "You're not the boss of me."

    Who knew she was even paying attention?

    I LOVE this card - it is perfect all over the place!! I love the colours, and the starburst is the best stamp!! I've noticed you using it, I love it.

  5. I love the 'you're listening to mommy...finally' comment!! Totally made me LOL!!

    And great card, I love those shooting stars!

  6. Rocking that set, Elena! I love your colour scheme too!
    I think I need to order from Wplus9 - it's only a matter of time before their fabulous stamps and dies sit on my desk ;D

  7. Love this card, I'll definitely be following your blog for inspiration - good luck in Gallery Idol!