Tuesday, December 6, 2011

got coffee?

I made my own little "coffee specimen sheet", complete with my chicken-scrawl-handwriting listing the type beneath each type.  I'm no calligraphist, but what better way to make a card more personal than to write on it yourself?

I think I mentioned my sister has a birthday coming up, but did I mention that my dad's birthday is on the same day?  The way the story is told, my mom took a healthy dose of castor oil to make that birthday present happen.  Ew.

I stamped and paper-pieced different mugs from Paper Smooches' "hot concoctions" set, and imagined a type of coffee to go with each one.  My favorite?  The "extra shot" at the bottom - complete with huge droplets of black coffee spilling out (the droplets are from lawn fawn's "plus one" set.)

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is just so cute. Someone must really love coffee!

  2. love it! is this one for me, or dad? lol.

  3. I love this card, Elena! Great paper-piecing!

  4. What a clever card! I love the paper-piecing!

  5. Oh for the love of all things that come in a mug... this is fantastic! I have a "thing" for coffee and warm bevvies... I WILL be buying this set pronto. SO cute (and I love your chicken scratch). ;)