Thursday, September 3, 2020

oh, nuts! Lawn Fawn Fall and Winter Release Week!

 Hi there!

Welcome to Lawn Fawn's Fall/Winter New Release week! We're showing off new products all week long, and everything will be available as of September 10th.

Before I dive in, I just want to say that if you try to leave me a comment (and I hope you do, I always love reading them!) you will notice that I'm making you jump through an extra hoop or 2. In the last 4-ish months, my blog has been overrun by really obscene bot comments. I have been marking everything as spam, but I had to take these extra steps to make sure that I only see (and YOU only see) sweet comments and nothing that looks like it came from Pornhub. so gross.

On to today's showcase: Let's Go Nuts, and Lift The Flap Tree Backdrop!

Let's Go Nuts! (New Lawn Fawn Fall/Winter release week)

That squirrel with his arms up in the airs is my fave! Aren't they adorable? I did a very muted sky behind the tree using Kiddie Pool and Doe inks.

I used a soft brown copic marker to add some interest to the trees, and then built my scene in front of the tree backdrop.

Let's Go Nuts! (New Lawn Fawn Fall/Winter release week)

When the flaps are opened, there are more surprises! I really love this new backdrop die, I can see using it a lot!

I hope you like it! There's more to see on the Lawn Fawn blog this morning - click!


  1. Darling card! Love that tree and the squirrels.... I think I'll be ordering soon!
    Sorry you are dealing with the ugly comments to your posts. Not sure how to get rid of them. :(

  2. Love this card thank you for sharing looking forward to the release