Sunday, February 13, 2011

crafting with the littles

I used to love when my parents would give us presents for every major holiday.  For Easter, it was a humongous basket, filled with stuffies and chocolates.  Our Christmas stockings were filled to overflowing.  For Valentine's, we usually got one of those crazy-large-chocolate-bunnies.  You know the ones I mean, right?  The ones that you struggle to bite off a chunk because they're so thick.  No wonder I needed years of dental work - ha!  I want to create that same magic for my littles.  Sprinklings of excitement and celebration on these special days of the year.  I bought them some small toys, stuffies, and a few chocolates - but I didn't want to just throw them into a gift bag.  The kids (and when I say the kids, I obviously mean the older two - I mean, what does a 9-month-old know about anything? lol) each decorated a brown paper bag.  We used our scalloped-edge punch at the top, pressed-down hand-print hearts and used up extra Christmas scrapbook paper for the hearts.  Oh, and the, er, kids (yeah, that's right) used puffy paint to write their names.  You heard me.  The kids wrote their own names.  LOL.

They're so cute together.  Oh, and by the way, Thomas is blowing you a super-awkward Valentine's day kiss.  Because I asked him to.


  1. GASP - is that the same Wolverine hoodie Ezzie has?! <3

  2. we both have good taste - or shop at Old Navy wayyyy too much for our boys :)