Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet cupcake

I think I'm stuck on this blue and peach color-scheme.  So sweet and fresh!  I need a little spring in my life right about now.  Anyone else feeling a bit of the winter blahs?  I can't wait to slip on a pair of old flip-flops and walk the kids to the park... and not come home 'til supper-time.  Le sigh.

I liked the card so much that I made a set.  Will probably be boxed up for a gift at some point.  It all came together so quickly!  Same layout, colors, and die-cuts.  The only thing different from card to card is the stamped background on the little white notebook paper.  Just to keep it interesting... for me :)


  1. I can totally see this card being used in a lovely box set. I adore the notepaper lined up with he lovehearts especially. What a perfect touch. Just gorgeous! All of them!

  2. i'm with you...can't wait for the sunshine and warmth to bring me back to life! adorable the colors and the notebook die stamped with hearts...sweet!

  3. Elena... I LOVE your sweet card set.. such fun colors... will make a GREAT gift!!!
    I AGREE.. bring on spring and summer.. and FLIP FLOPS!! sigh.. soon I hope! :)
    Have a GREAT day!