Thursday, February 10, 2011

to Sofia, with love

Since the first 2 posts have been love-related, let's continue the V-day theme, shall we?  The kids were with me when I made my card for the hubs the other day (doing their own crafts, or "craps" as Thomas likes to call it!  That kid has the most adorable baby-speak...) so they requested that I make them each a special card for Valentine's day. What can I say?  They are as much my loves as the hubs is - little pieces of us, walking and talking reminders of how much I love my sweetheart.  (Cue the violins.)  So anyways, Sofia asked me to use the little girl image from SU's "greeting card kids" set.  Perfect for my pint-sized valentine :)  I added a sliced-in-half doily I found in Walmart's baking section - why not, right?  I've been seeing doilies on other card-making blogs.  Trying to be trendy, here, people :)  Stay tuned for Thomas' card - he picked a pirate image, lol!  Arrrrrrrr, me hearties!


  1. I absolutely love the doily. SO presh.

  2. thx, B! and thx for being my blog stalker... feel so special ;)