Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Here we go!

I have been talking about blogging and plotting a blog for a few months now - but really, does the web need one more mommy/crafty blogger?  Whatev.  I must be heard.  I must take the time to celebrate the little joys, and show off my efforts to decorate my life.  Anyone else a stay-at-home-mom to little ones?  Sometimes I need a little reminding that my life is more than wiping snots.  Can I get a fist-pump?  And away we go...


  1. Cannot beLIEVE you got left hanging on the fist bump! ::double bump::

  2. phew - thanks. That could have been embarrassing ;)

  3. 'does the web need one more mommy/crafty blogger?'

    Whatev indeed.Does my wardrobe need another wide belt? Do I need another helping of mashed potatoes?

    I'd skip both to read your blog, BTW.