Monday, February 21, 2011

MIM... on Monday!

A new Make it Monday over at PTI - this week's challenge is to add glitter strips with scor tape.  All I have to say is see?  this totally proves I'm not a procrastinator *nods emphatically to prove point*

I've seen this technique before and always thought it was cute, but never tried it.  Now that I have, I'm probably going to start adding glitter strips to every card from now on.  No joke.  Glitter has a way of taking a gloomy day and making it 'wow' - ha.

The background was created with "text style II" - except for a strip I left blank, where I then added my sentiment.  I used different-sized strips of scor tape and glitter to frame said sentiment.  I stamped "yotf: marigold" onto a scrap of SU designer paper, snipped it out, and added some rhinestones on the other side to balance things out.


  1. This is beautiful. It's a simple layout that really makes a statement. Nice job.

  2. That is gorgeous. I'm not biased or anything but I LOVE the wordy look AND the color palette is awesome.

  3. thanks girls! you put a smile on my tired face :)