Thursday, March 15, 2012

a crafty gift + TMKS

Hi peeps!

I loved our discussion yesterday - you all rock for taking the time to write down more than a "I love your photos" comment :)  And to those of you who really said you liked my card photos, thank you sweeties!  I'm still really on the fence about which direction I want to take, so until I "find myself", you might see some funky experimentation going on...

I went a little artsy with today's project :)

I taught a card class on the weekend, and I needed a gift to present my hostess (never show up empty handed, right?)  I could have made her a card set, but I just did for her birthday the previous week.  So this is what I came up with:

A set of tiny papers, decorated with images from hero arts' "my happy" in light grey and pink.

Along with a set of dainty little pink envelopes in a mix of patterns...

They fit inside, see?  

Package them up in a glassine bag, top it all with a cute tag, and you're done!  A sweet crafty gift.  And for the pictures, get a beautiful little model to hold it up.  I want to kiss that dainty pinky she stuck in the air!

And now, TMKS.  If you read my facebook yesterday, you'll already know part of this story...Yesterday morning, my not-even-2-year-old Maia refused to wear a shirt.  Socks? yes.  Pants? ok.  Shirt?  Nooooooooo sssssshirt!!!!!!!  (a lot of yelling.)  Ok, so it's not worth a fight.  I figured, she'll ask for a shirt when she's cold, or she'll forget that this was a big deal to her in a bit and I'll sneak one on her while we're talking about Backyardigans :)  But this kid went shirtless for, like, almost 4 hours, and despite pleas from her brother, who was very bothered to see her walking around looking like a male-trucker... And then she started saying she was cold.  But still refused a shirt.  and refused.  and refused.  Until Thomas had the amazing thought to offer her something else: a sweater.  She smiled and put it on without a fuss.  She was given an out, and was able to save-face.  Amazing.


  1. Pretty colours, Elena! Love the card set. Beautiful flower on the tag. You are so thoughtful :)
    Oh I love your posts on your kidie stories (cannot find the right word for it now :() Reminds me of my kids when they were little. They can be stubborn at times and frustrate everybody but when you look back and go through the senario later, it does feel different. Cute and funny sometimes.
    My 12 year never liked girls wearing the shorty shorts. Well, that includes his sister and no short above knees for me :( He will not come with me if I wear one. Same with me wearing a sleeveless tops! I cannot wait for him to hit teenage years and find a girlfriend who wears all these and then I can give him that look and tease him lol!

  2. I am dying over your comment that she looked like a male-trucker!!! LOL!! My daughter is STILL stubborn like that and she's 8.

    I like how you did your photos today. So pretty and soft. And what a great gift, I love the clothespins and glassine bag!

  3. Super gift. I love that 'on my couch' and the rose is so beautiful. I'll enjoy watching you go on your photo journey. Your kids sound so darling, and say the darndest things.

  4. great little gift!! love the last photo!!

  5. What a fabulous hostess gift! Great idea, and beautifully executed too. :)