Thursday, March 1, 2012

pinterest-inspired stork + TMKS thursdays

I was supposed to be making some Easter cards yesterday (for a sweet lady at church), but since she asked for no-bunny, no-eggy-type cards and that's all I seem to have, I decided to spend some time on pinterest... you know, for research purposes...

But that is no Easter inspiration.  haha.  As soon as I saw this pin (thank you, Denise!) I knew I had to make a little card.  Sometimes a girl's just gotta play :)

I first stamped the banner (lawn fawn's "bannerific") onto my cardstock and again onto masking paper.  I covered my cardstock banner and stamped the stork and baby images overtop (from PTI's "bundle of love"). Then, I also created masks for the stork and baby bundle so that I could stamp the hero arts "envelope pattern" over the entire area.  To frame it all out, I stamped the air mail strip (from PTI's "postmarks") all around.  The kraft cardstock was covered with SU's "a to z" - thank you, stamp positioner...

Oh, and to continue my Easter saga, once I created this card for fun, I did find a few cards to CASE for my sweet church lady... whew!

And, since it's Thursday... time for TMKS Thursdays! (that's "things my kids said," if you're just tuning in!)

This week has been healthy, thank God! but our little Maia, not even 2 years old, has been draining the life right out of me... here is a small sampling of what she has been yelling: "i had it first!" "i no like it that!" "i hate that" "i do it a-own self!" "no help you!"

I am so thankful that she has a strong personality, because I'm hoping that means she won't be the one giving in to peer pressure later on, but boy! this is something new to me... thank goodness she looks like an angel when she's sleeping.  I sneak in and peek at her, just to fall in love again :)

Have a great day!


  1. I too believe Pinterest is an important part of my job.

    My TMKS contribution comes from 6 year old E who, this morning, claimed she couldn't go to school because, "my eyebrows...they hurt."

    Yep. She's still in bed. (Truth is, she actually is sick.)

  2. This IS perfection! I love the air mail border. And yes, I went a little stork crazy... now you know my secret. ;)

    TMKS: Abigail unwound a spool of my ribbon (you know, the GOOD kind) and when I asked her. "WHAT are you doing??" Her response: "It's my rescue rope. I need it t save animals." ala DIego. Her response took me by surprise and scored cuteness points so she got to keep her "rescue rope". ;)

  3. Reading the things your daughter has been saying totally makes me laugh! Sigh.... I miss that young, fun age!
    Beautiful card, Elena-- great take on the inspiration! It's perfect!

  4. Such a beautiful card! I love the border.

  5. Elena this is such a sweet card. I needed to make a baby card and used this set too. Love the card you made. Enjoy everything about your children.

  6. Beautiful card!

    I just remembered a couple of weeks ago, Leah and I were watching Giada on foodnetwork. She was making a dish with snap peas and Leah says, "She's making a dish with Mexican jumping beans. I don't like Mexican jumping beans. I like United States jumping beans." Love that girl!

  7. That looks great!! I love that you were able to take Pinterest pic and make a card that looks just like it :)

  8. So soft and pretty!!! Fabby masking technique for your banner too!
    Ha! Your little gal sounds like she knows what's she wants...even at age 2! :)

  9. How precious! That air mail strip stamp was THE perfect touch for this sweet card!

  10. Love your card. Such great masking and lots of pink! Your daughter sounds like my kind of gal. Drop her off at my place anytime. I am very experienced in strong willed girls...

  11. HA! For a second, I thought you were talking about Josie!! Emma (oldest) has her dramatic moments now that she's older, but when she was 2, we *never* had the "mine" phase... Josie? "NO!" "No, MINE!" "No no no nooooo....."


    You're right, when they're older, it will serve them well :D

    Your card is beautiful!!