Thursday, March 29, 2012

crepe bar party pack with lawn fawn.

I was recently asked to make little food identifiers and a banner for an upcoming 12 year old's birthday party.  The birthday girl herself told me that she liked polka dots, stars, and the blue-green-purple combo.

When her mom added that she liked "cute" things, I immediately grabbed for my lawn fawn stamps.  I used "love 'n breakfast" to create the tents for the savory ingredients, and "critters ever after" with some PTI "fancy flourishes" for the sweet toppings.  (This party sounds YUMS!  I'm thinking I need to do a crepe bar at some point in the future...)

Sorry for the pictures - I was a little rushed in getting them photographed!

I first printed the toppings onto cardstock, cut and folded it, and proceeded to stamp the tray over-top (I love clear stamps for this reason!)  I colored everything in, masked the tray, and stamped a polka dot background (PTI) on top.  I also created a little rosette and leaf combo for each one.  Some nice dimension, without being too fussy.

 The sweet toppings all look like this (I emailed the birthday girl's mommy both options, and she couldn't choose!  So we went with both designs - I love an easy client, hee!)  I used the star from "critters ever after" and a fancy flourish (from PTI).

I had all the leftover shapes from the sweet topping tents, so I made some bonus signs for the birthday girl.  She could stick these into some of the foods for extra fun :)

I also made a v-e-r-y long banner.  Here are 2 of the panels:

The whole thing has about 12 panels, where the 4 focal panels are separated by hanging stars and read: "happy 12th birthday, Lauren!"

I hope the birthday girl likes everything as much as I do!  I had so much fun making this set.

In case you'd like to see, this wasn't my first design for Lauren.  Initially, when we chatted about what she wanted, she didn't want the colors to be too light.  I created this option for her:

When I emailed this option, I didn't hear back for a full day - that's the first clue that something was wrong :)  But as soon as her mom said the word "cute" and asked me to lighten the colors.... we were in business!

This is an already too-long post, but can I just squeeze in a little gem from Maia for our weekly TMKS segment?  Please keep in mind she's not yet 2.... She asked me for some goldfish crackers yesterday.  I must have ignored her (where's an eye-rolling-smiley face when you need one...) so she asked again: "fishy crackers, mom!"  Again, ignored.  I was deep into making supper.  She climbed onto her booster seat at the table, and started singing the happy birthday song, but with different lyrics:  "fishy crackers, crackers... fishy crackers, crackers... happy birthday, FISHY CRACKERS!!!" All caps on that last part because she got l-o-u-d.  And then she suddenly stopped because she saw she had my attention.  She may have also glared a bit.  I gave her the crackers.  I may have even clapped a little.  It was too much.

Thanks for looking!


  1. SOOOO Cute! I love the little tent cards! I'm with the mom def. option #2 is the way to go! Also you better watch those #3's.... uhhhh.

  2. Wow Elena!
    These are so cute. Love the toppers. Those flowers are darling. Love the ones with the negative die too! The colors are perfect. Love the polka dots.
    That banner is awesome. I imagine it looks great. Love the peak you gave us.
    Your little one is very samrt. She definitely got your attention. My 19 mo old granddaughter just helps herself by going onto the pantry when she wants those goldfish.

  3. WOW what a great set! Love the dainty details! Your baby is a smarty one, love it when the do some "creative problem solving" it just makes the days brighter!

  4. I would have given her fishy crackers too after THAT. My kids barely speak until they're two, let alone get all cheeky like that! lol. Love the designs too :)

  5. Such beautiful decor. You give me inspiration for Joshua's 1st birthday which is just over 3 months away.

    When I told my daughter, Leah ( 4 years old), that I was going to be published, she said, "I want to be polished". I guess she has never heard the word published before and doesn't know what it means. Now she does ;)