Thursday, March 8, 2012

Play date cafe challenge #122

Check out this week's inspiration board:

For all you married ladies: do you ever wish you could re-do your wedding day?  I wasn't the crafter 9 years ago that I am now... looking at that bridesmaids dress, and those tissue-paper flowers at the top - there's so much that I would do more prettily!  But to be the center of attention on such a long day all over again - no thank you... *wink*

Without further ado, here's my take on the inspiration photo:

I can't seem to put those peonies away, but I did let them share the stage with the new "movers & shakers sentiments" set...

Something wonky happened when I edited my photo, but I don't have the time (read: patience) to play with it anymore... still on spring break over here!

But, since it is Thursday, here's our little TMKS gem of the week: Thomas has been asking if he'll ever have to leave home... what happens when he gets older, does he HAVE to get married, etc.  The fun part: "I wonder if I'll ever find a wife to own me" What? "you know, you make daddy go to work and you take care of everyone, and make sure we all eat our food.  I don't think I'll ever find a wife to own me so well."  Melt my heart, kid.  And also, let's talk about the word "own" - ha ha.

Share your own "things my kid said" stories in the comments!

Have a great day, all!


  1. What a gorgeous card! I love the use of all of those patterned papers.

  2. I love all the stitching! beautiful card!

  3. This is a beautiful card, and Thomas sounds like a gem. I'm sure he will have no trouble stealing some gal's heart and owning her.

  4. Love your card. Great stitching. The different patterns look great. Seems like you stamped some, possibly all of them?
    Your son comes out with some darling comments. Seems like you have set the sandard high for him finding a women who will "own" him. How he continues to have those standards as he gets older.

  5. Look at you, so quick with your color story card. ;) it's beautiful, love all that stitching. Thanks for playing at The Play Date Cafe!

  6. This card is fab - but you know that, don't you? ;) Love it! And that Thomas... he is SMART... "I don't ever think I'll find a wife to own me so well." Priceless. Thanks for joining us in the Cafe - I love it when good friends play along.

    P.S. I think I need the Fancy Flourishes dies. Dang it!

  7. HA! I laughed out loud at Thomas' comments!!! Okay, I seriously have to start writing things down, because I KNOW Emma said something yesterday totally worthy of sharing, but sitting here on the spot, do you think I can remember?

    And I've told hubby we're having a do-over on our 10th anniversary. I loved my wedding, and I would do the very same theme over, but I feel like I could do it so much better now. Partly because of the crafting aspect, but mostly because there are things I know now having been through the last 6 years of marriage, and becoming parents... I'd have such a better speech to deliver!! :D

    I love your card, and I love how you stamped your card base in yellow - barely noticeable, but yet such a great touch!!!

    I am just about to post the card I made inspired by your invites... I came here to get the link, and then I can finish my post!

  8. very pretty!! i agree about the wedding redo...i loved my wedding , but there are so many pretty ideas I could do it over and over again:)

  9. This is gorgeous, Elena! I love your card!!
    I painted my house dark grey last fall, and our front door, red. But last night, I started thinking that our front door would look great yellow, just like the colour challenge you used here....

  10. Oh, and in regards to your TMKS, my 12 year old son says that he's never getting married and that he's going to live with me forever. Sweet, but, um, I don't think so, honey.... ;)

  11. I'm LOLing about your son's comments about 'owning', it's so cute! And great card, I love those colors together!

  12. LOL! "Own me" lol! So cute! Love Thomas's concept of marriage lol!
    My 12 year old too doesn't want to get married and want to stay with me, like Leigh's. lol! I told him I will quote his words in couple of years lol! He said he will consider if only she know how to cook Indian food lol! At the moment food is his first priority :)

    You card is so pretty, Elena! I love the textures on your card. Awesome work as always :)

  13. I would so have a "Do Over" of my wedding if I could. Not much I'd do the same except keep the husband. LOL

    This card is so pretty. Love the stitiching and the precise colors chosen. The flourish die cut is so elegant and the perfect bit of tjuz for the peony. Another masterclass!

  14. Your card is simply amazing! Thanks for playing along with us at The Play Date Cafe!