Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stamp-a-faire: ribbon techniques

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Morning, campers!

Before things get going this morning, I managed to watch a few of the ribbon videos :)  And, here's my take on Betsy's singed-ribbon technique:

Nothing like burning a candle right in the middle of your craft area at 8am... I have to admit to being a little nervous I would knock over the candle and burn some papers :)

Here's my set-up for today:  my tiny creating corner - where I have to push the keyboard to make space for my stuff, the candle and lighter (hee) for my 1st card, and my morning smoothie... yum!  (although it looks completely yucks now that it's all done, I know.)

Hope to see you here and there throughout the day!


  1. gorgeous! glad you still have both your eyebrows!

  2. Beautiful! must give it a try myself!

  3. Great job, Elena! I love the layout of your card with all of the pretty paper strips. :-) I hope you're having fun today!!


  4. Such a lovely card. Your ribbon flower is so pretty.

  5. Hi Elena!
    I love your flower!!!
    Now I need to try to make one myself! :)

  6. BEAUTIFUL - I haven't managed to watch any of the videos yet - we just got back from camping this morning and it's been a day of laundry and unpacking. But I love what you created - this looks like such a cool technique!!

  7. So soft and pretty! I didn't have bitty dot ribbon and mine just wasn't working. Maybe I'll give it a go again after seeing how well your turned out. Just love all those pretty papers you used!