Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CSS: holiday in July group post.

Are you ready for a little winter holiday fun?

I'll bet the rest of the design team has wowed you with Christmas projects... but as soon as I had the rag dolls in my hands, I already had a Valentine's Day project in mind... hey! it's totally a winter holiday :)

I used the new Jake rag doll, and the rag doll house: stand to create this sweet Valentine's day lunch for my 5-year-old-Thomas.  

Since it was for Thomas, I had to make his usual "pb&j" sandwich (the kid is obsessed)... but, since it was a special occasion, why not make it heart-shaped and put it in a cute wrapper?  I found a template, and embellished it with a stamped "PB {heart} J" banner.  The letters are from the alpha duo set, and the heart is from the new "wrap a round" set.

And he'd need something to wash down that sandwich, right?

milk - it does the body good ;)  And why not make it look good too, with a striped straw and an adorable favor flag.

So, after he ate his sandwich, and had his little strawberry-and-banana-fruit-kebab (I stuck little chunks through a lollipop stick), I could offer him his special treat:

a "kissing-booth" box, full of hershey's kisses :)  I paper-pieced the stand, printed the "kisses" via my computer, added the 5-cent stamp (the kid gives them away super-cheap - what can I say?  hee!) and the little love speech bubble (from taglines: critters.)

Here's a side-view so you could see how I closed up the party favor 3 die (don't you love how the stand die-cut fits right on the front?)

I scored the side so that I could pinch it closed.  I cut 2 tiny holes at the top and threaded some twine to keep it shut.

I hope you like what I've created!  Click on over to see what the other designers have for you:

Suzanne (guest)


  1. Love, love LOVE this! SO adorable!! :)

  2. So CUTE! Love the little heart sandwich holder and of course the kissing booth. Great job!

  3. So sweet Elena! Love all your little favors:)

  4. You are so clever!! Love your little kissing booth bag. So so sweet.

  5. Love, love, love this!! It's such a creative and cute idea.

  6. This is just too sweet, Elena! Love how Jake looks inside your kissing booth.

  7. so cute....especially the heart shaped sammy:)

  8. This is so super cute Elena!!! I love the sandwich holder, so cute. And I love the red and white straw with the flag. Cute cute cute!!!

  9. OMG this is adorable! Kisses? 5 cents! I love it!!!

  10. OMG, cutest ensemble ever!! Love the PB&J sleeve and that you used the heart word bubble. Love the word roof too. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!