Saturday, August 18, 2012

Clear and Simple Stamps: favor flags {app}

A brand new card on the app this morning - and here's a sneak peek for you:

Click on the picture to be swept away to the app store.  Download it for your iphone or ipad and check out the entire card (and an all-new CSS card everyday!)

That's all she wrote for today, folks.  Hope you have an insanely fun weekend.  I'm about to get my face painted today.  And maybe illegally bounce around in some inflatable castles... or maybe I'll just leave that to the kids.  And the hot-dog eating... definitely going to leave that one for just the kids *wink*  


  1. Cool as these posts are, I feel like it's a tease for those of us on Android phones. Is there any chance the app will make it to other platforms?

    1. I appreciate your feedback - I've forwarded your comment. If I get any news, I will be sure to follow up with you!