Wednesday, August 22, 2012

crafty touches for a birthday gift.

Yeah, I didn't have time to make a card for today, so you get to see what we gifted my "love machine hubby" with yesterday :)

What do you do when the prezzie your man wanted still isn't available for his big day?  (it's not a rhetorical question.  You grab your 3 kids, go to walmart, and ask them what they'd like to put into a box for daddy.)

Sooo, we ended up with a bag of doritos, a can of ice-tea, a gigantic calculator (it's hidden in the back), a chocolate bar, and a movie (I chose that one.)  

When we got home, we set out to make his gift-box a little more special.

I set the kids loose on sheets of cardstock, with a variety of circle punches.  I love all the badly-punched shapes, hee hee.  

Every man needs a party hat.... this one was upcycled from a previous project (read: a 1-year-old's birthday party.  Rip off the circus picture, die-cut a few birthday numbers, and voila! The old becomes age-appropriate...)

And what better to go with that cool, refreshing drink than a mustached-stripey-straw? (also lifted from a child's birthday party... and now you are starting to understand how little time I had... ha!)

In the end, all of the crafty touches were perfect for this grown-up-party-boy.  The kids insisted he wear his hat first thing in the morning, as they threw the confetti on him:

Thanks for peeking!


  1. perfect! how could he not feel loved with all of this?? You did good!

  2. Love the birthday pics!! So cute with the chalkboard!!

  3. super cuteness E! love the chalkboard pics :)

  4. HA! This rocks... You did really well with no time, and being able to put it all on the kids makes it all the better!

  5. Well I think you did a fantastic job with limited time and supplies! Sometimes its the little attention to detail which makes the occasion extra special - like that sweet confetti! :)