Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The 10 minute craft dash!

The very sweet Paulina asked if I would like to be part of a new challenge: the 10 minute craft dash.  My first thought was: does she know how long it takes me to make a card?  I am a slooooooooow crafter.  When I write things like: this only took me 20 minutes, it's because I have surprised myself with my quickness :)  But 10 minutes to make a card is no joke.  I felt like I was on an episode of craft wars... but without Tori Spelling in my room, thank goodness.

I gathered all of my supplies, had a clear picture of what I wanted to do (because, how do you whip up a card in 10 minutes if you have no plan) and came up with this:

A water-colored koala (from lawn fawn's "critters down under") was the quickest way to go, I promise.  Here is how I managed this card within 11 minutes (eeep, I couldn't even finish on time, ha ha):

minute 1: stamp koala image and the sentiment (from paper smooches) in versafine onyx black ink onto white cardstock.

minute 2: create card base, while black ink dries slightly.  Ready the aqua painter (a watercolor brush with a  built-in water-barrel - mine is from SU)

minutes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: with all the inks spread out, watercolor.  No time for shading!  The watercolor brush is so quick - I keep a paper towel to the side, and simply brush the color away when I want to move on to the next one.

minute 8: grab a yellow water-color crayon, and, using the same aqua-painter, flick splatters onto the cardstock.

minute 9: emboss white cardstock with PTI's linen & canvas impression plate.  Never mind that the cardstock is still a bit wet from the painting - it actually helps create a deeper impression.

minute 10: use a liquid glue to secure the koala mat to the card-base.  Press down everywhere, since the card-stock is still a bit warped and wet (hee hee).  When everything is adhered, it looks just perfect.

minute 11: make a bonus, last minute decision to tie on some white yarn that was left out from a previous project.

The adrenaline was pumping, but I got 'er done :)

I hope you play along!  You have until August 25th, and there is a sweet twiney prize up for grabs:

Check out Paulina's blog for more details and a complete list of participants!


  1. Those cute little bows get us every time don't they?!?! ;)

    Very adorable creation and I say take the 120 minute time...bows shouldn't count, lol! That was a lot going on for 10! Great job :)

  2. Elena this is adorable. And I apparently am the idiot that had nothing in mind before beginning my 10 minute project! Lol The first 4 were spent deciding what to do! Why wasn't I as clever as you?

  3. I am still amazed that you attempted to watercolor (and succeeded) within the 10 minutes. (The extra minute for the bow doesn't count) :)
    This card is just too cute for words- I love that koala!

    THANK YOU for helping Ginny and I kick start this first challenge! You're so sweet!

  4. SWEET card Elena! The watercoloring is so soft and wonderful!

  5. Just adorable. 11 minutes--really--really?

  6. Simply adorable. And 11 minutes, I couldn't do it in an hour.

  7. how daring to do that pretty coloring! :) very cute!

  8. How adorable. I love this sweet card.

  9. hehehehe, i know about the adrenaline pumping part :D and i totally agree--gotta start with something in mind. that being said, 11 minutes is FABULOUS for this beauty! i love your koala and all your details in coloring/ texture/ EVERYTHING!

    so great! thanks so much for joining us for our first challenge!

  10. awwwww.....absolutely adorable!

  11. This is a wonderful card and I thoroughly enjoyed your explanation! I doubt I could ever finish a card that quick unless it's a mistake. I keep seeing too many possibilities and sometimes have to make myself stop with what I have. You on the other hand have done a terrific job. I may have to try to time myself.

  12. I can't color that fast and make it look this great, Elena! I love it!

  13. So sweet! I would never be able to color under the pressure~you did awesome Elena.