Thursday, August 9, 2012

Clear and Simple Stamps Release in Review: Sweet Treats + Favors

Did somebody say sweet treats?

Guys, I will use any, and I mean ANY excuse to whip up a batch of cookies... because, cookies will not bring on comments like "aw, mom - do we have to eat this?" and "it looks disgusting, but I'm sorry if that hurts your feelings!"  No, with cookies I get squeals and giddy whoops and "these are the most delicious cookies ever" and even "baby, you're the best!"

So yes, I did use my project today as an excuse to make a batch of butterscotch chip cookies... hee.

It's always fun to think of different ways to display treats at a party.  Here, I grabbed my daughters' jewelry stand, and clipped up cookie sleeves (made with the mini tri-fold die.)  I layered some favor flag die cuts in fun patterned papers over the lip of the tri-fold die, and created a medallion that is only adhered to the top portion in order to allow access to the favor inside.

To create the main image, I started out by stamping the fabulous damask background in a sunny yellow ink.  Next, I curved the sentiment (from the favor flags stamp set) and stamped a tiny aqua heart (from wrap-a-round) before adding my stamped plate of cookies (from the apothecary set.)

 After all the stamped and assembling was done, I wrapped the cookies in plastic wrap, and used a tiny bit of tape to stick them to the inside of the tri-fold die cut.

All that's left to do: un-clip, open, and enjoy (and trust me, I did.)

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  1. Love these cards with the treat inside. What a great idea and love that you used a jewelry stand to show them off!

  2. What a fun way to wrap those cookies! They look yummy!

  3. How cute are these little cookie sleeves! Love it!

  4. These turned out beautifully, both the cookies and sleeves! Now I'm craving some cookies. :)

  5. Love your cookie cards Elena! I love the combination of patterns you used. So sweet:)