Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Neat and Tangled stamps, day 2


I'm helping out the sweet & talented Danielle Walls, as she unveils the debut of her "neat & tangled" stamp company!  

On the 2nd day of release week, Danielle gave to me... (to the tune of 12 days of Christmas, people...): cookie tags and a gingerbread house!  (yes, I'm still singing in my head... sorry... just sorry... I live with a 2 year old who presently believes life is one big show-tune *grins*)

First up, the adorable mini-set, "hey cookie."  It features a family of gingerbread cookies, some accessories, and that adorable sentiment, "hey, cookie."  I can't wait to use this on packages of homemade cookies this Christmas!  

 Next up: "sweet home."  It's a gingerbread builder set, and so much fun to play around with!

(in case you're wondering, those chocolate are NOT from last Christmas, thank you very much.  They are leftovers from Easter, but pretty stale nonetheless...)

I wanted to create a gingerbread house as whimsical and fun as Danielle's artwork, so I used Christmas red, white, and green, but threw in some pink and purple too.  A bit of masking, some coloring, and the house came to life.  I added stitch-lines around the inside of the house, some glossy accents to the window, and liquid-applique "icing" to make it look like a house you'd want to bite into :)  

With everything masked, I sponged a blue sky, and stamped CSS' sunburst at the bottom.  Now that I look at everything, though, I'm realizing I should have stamped the sunburst the other way... whoops.

One final note before I sign off: in case you are thinking, "why would I go through all that trouble to mask?"  

I only cut my masks one time, and keep them stored with the sets.  It's really only slightly complicated the first time, and after that, it's a cake walk.  And besides, you'd be cutting out all the elements anyways - but with masking, the cutting doesn't have to be perfect :)

Thanks for popping by!


  1. Love it! Those gingerbread are so cute!

  2. So sweet Elena! I just love how you used the starburst stamp on the card!

  3. These are fabulous! Want to move right into that gingerbread house.

  4. Elena, you're funny. Your tags are soo sweet, and I actually love that you stamped the rays under the house. It draws the eye up toward the scene that you've created. Everything is amazing!

    1. thanks, Suzanne! I just meant that I should've stamped it so the rays were coming out from the doorstep, like a pathway... you know? glad you like it!

  5. Love all the projects, including the sunburst! These are some very cute sets, and you have done your cuteness magic with them just perfectly.

  6. Oh yes! this house is YUMMY! and the tags are saaweet!

  7. The card is adorable but those tags are just fabulous!!!

  8. Adorable!! I love the tags, those are just too cute.

    Maia should come play with Emma, who currently makes up a song as she sings it, to go with whatever she is doing a that very second. The best part is how it gets louder, then louder and louder and louder... She's a performer! ;)

  9. So super cute!! The sweet gingerbread people are my favorite!

  10. Oh my word, that last card is stunning. If I were you, I would have such a hard time parting with this beauty. :) That "snow" is so amazing- I need to get some of that stuff!

  11. Love the sweet home card! So adorable!