Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Back to school with Ellen Hutson

Hi there!

Are your kids all back to school? We start back on Thursday, and I have a little something to tuck into Maia's lunchbox for the 1st day. The older 2 are starting to poo-poo getting cutesy little cards in front of their friends, but Maia still loves it.

back to school

Everything I used to make this card can be found in the Ellen Hutson store. I combined 2 Neat and Tangled sets here - Later Alligator and Schoolhouse.  These quirky alligators are Maia's favorite so I know it'll bring a smile to her face.

I then turned to EH's Block Words dies to spell out the big sentiment at the bottom.

I hope you like it! Do you surprise your kids with cards in their lunchboxes?



  1. Oh very cute. Wonder whether the older children will regret their decision when they see this cute card!

  2. That is a great first day card. My children are grown but I do have a first day of school tradition, Grandmom takes all the grandchildren out for ice cream and we talk about the day. I love this but I do wonder if one day the older grandchildren will think this is too lame to continue.