Wednesday, August 22, 2018

mini pop-up box (Lawn Fawn inspiration week)

Hi there!

I am terribly behind on my posting this week! We hosted a big 40th birthday party for my hubs last night and for the last week I haven't been able to focus on anything more than baking and prepping and decorating for our 35+ guests. It was such a fun time, but I was running around so much I hardly snapped any photos. ack!

Back to today's business! Lawn Fawn inspiration week continues today, with a closer look at the Mini Pop Up Box die.

mini pop-up box (Lawn Fawn inspiration week)

From the outside, the card looks simple enough... but open it up and there's another surprise:

mini pop-up box (Lawn Fawn inspiration week)

I decorated the card with the bear from For You, Deer and gave them all halloween accessories from Booyah.

mini pop-up box (Lawn Fawn inspiration week)

I matched the inside of the card to the outside. I gave it the same starry background treatment, and cut a kraft-colored box inside to match the base layer outside.

I hope you like it! Check out the Lawn Fawn blog today to see all sorts of different designs for this box - click!


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  1. Happy b-day to your husband. A special age to remember.

    I love this cute mini box die. The card you created is fun and a cute surprise inside. [Bunny]