Friday, November 15, 2013

Our hearts are big enough - real relief for the Philippines.

We have seen the images. We have heard the news. We know that the Philippines, this country on the other side of the world, has been hit by tragedy.  Typhoon Haiyan tore apart many of its regions a week ago.

We can help.  Here is how:

You give, and you get. Because we appreciate you.

Destiny International Ministries has had the privilege of being in relationship with ministers in the Philippines for many years now.  100% of donations being collected right now will go directly to indigenous relief workers for the purpose of rebuilding home and feeding the population of two of the hardest hit regions: Bohol and Mindanao.  In the even that enough donations are collected to meet all of the primary needs of these communities, be reassured that many other communities are waiting in the wings.  Not a single penny will be unappreciated.

Tanya Zaleski Photocreations, Just Me Prints (that's me!), and Lost Bumblebee graphics have partnered together to offer your choice of one of three FREE printable calendars with a donation of any amount to Destiny International Ministries earmarked for the Philippines.

Here is a preview of the collection of images I'm offering:

 To see the other collections, find out WHY they are digital, read more details about our fundraiser, and be able to donate, please visit Tanya's blog *here*

With all of my heart, I hope you will think about donating.  No amount is too small.