Monday, November 18, 2013

ridiculously simple packaging.

I have taken to packaging the card kits for my Friday classes a little differently every week.  I always want them to look nice and festive - it's the first thing my students see when they sit down to craft - but I don't want to spend hours creating something that will be ripped into within 30 seconds.

This packaging is ridiculously simple, and so classic:

card kit packaging

A belly band of polka dot paper, some cozy red yarn for texture, and embossed chalkboard tags.

I'm thinking this style would be awesome for Christmas gifts,if I cut strips of a coordinating wrapping paper and created "belly bands" long enough to wrap around the big boxes... what do you think?

card kit packaging

The tags came together so quickly with just a bit of white embossing for the tag outline and sentiment, and a punch of green embossing for the one of the two trees.  I smudged on a healthy amount of white ink at the end, to play up the chalkboard style.  (full disclosure: wow makes my favorite embossing powder, but I only have it in white.  I settled on zing for my green.  The coverage is just okay for me, and I obviously put the best tree at the front of the pack.  I also used zing for my gold embossing *here* and while I love the card, the uneven coverage bothers me.)

This is my offering for the current lawnscaping challenge, which begins today.  I hope you'll play along!

And no, I didn't mean to coordinate my polka dots with the ones in the inspiration photo. ha.

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  1. Love this packaging!!!! And yep - I totally think it would work for wrapping gifts!! The little tags are adorable!!!! Loooove those trees in the chalkboard style!! Hello!!! And I loooove your two cents of the embossing powder!! I'm always looking for GOOD color embossing powder! I have a white I love but I have yet to find an equivalent in other colors!

  2. These belly bands on boxes would look great!
    I don't own many coloured embossing powders, but I love my Wow neon powers :)

  3. That is so cute! Love those little parcels! If I would take that class and see that waiting for me, I would feel like a kid at Christmas. Gorgeous!