Monday, July 14, 2014

happy 70th birthday

Hey there, and happy monday!

My mom recently asked me to create a special milestone birthday card for her cousin, and asked me to make it BIG. Like, take a sheet of cardstock and fold it in half big.

Most of our stamps are made for smaller-scale cards, and I didn't want the card to look too fiddly (or take me an enormous amount of time to fill.)

Enter: the silhouette.  It's my go-to now when people (ok, just my parents) ask me to make bigger cards. I like teeny-tiny cards, they think bigger equals more impressive. ha.

happy 70th

I used a silhouette file for a one-layer cake (click!) and turned it into 2 layers to better fill the card.  Everything was cut out of one sheet of white 12x12 cardstock and then colored with copics.  It's a more speedy process, and the result is a softer looking cake. There are color variations that you can't achieve if you cut colored cardstock.

I also added a blue stripe to the top and bottom of the focal panel, by way of a copic marker's chisel tip. I like how it frames the cake.

I hope you like it!


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