Saturday, October 13, 2012

CSS release day 4 {rag dolls}

If you've been to my blog a few times, you know I like a pretty party.  Last weekend, we celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving - and it was the perfect occasion to craft with some of the new CSS goodies.

Today, I'm helping to show off the newest sets in the oh-so-fabulous rag doll line.  Just in time for fall, they get warmer clothes ("rag doll coats 1"), and some fall accessories to help hold them up *wink*  We also have a few new dies in the store - these thanksgiving favors were assembled with the crayon box die.  I love it!  The box is so easy to put together, and only needs 1 small strip of adhesive to hold it securely in place.

Each rag doll was stamped and colored in similar muted tones and blue-jean bottoms.  Their abnormally large accessories (from the new "rag doll scenes 1" set), were paper-pieced (and, in passing, I love the hilariously-scaled apple and you can see, I have one of each - hee hee.)

Behind each rag-doll, I stamped a background that you'll see more of tomorrow.  Let's just say that it's one of my favorite things from this release, and I hope CSS creates more stamps like it in the future!

For now, the other designers are waiting to show off projects they've created for today's release.  The rag-dolls are getting more than just new coats: there are superhero capes, pirate costumes, and halloween accessories!


  1. so cute! I feel like Sofia had at least 2 of the jackets the rag dolls are wearing!

  2. Okay, E, they look like a little country band all coordinating in blue jeans and muted tone jackets. How cute. I want to see them go on the road! ;) Darling patterns and use of the background stamp. FAB!

  3. I love your muted color choices and I LOVE that Crayon box. Beyond adorable!

  4. Love how you dressed up the Rag Dolls! Perfect fall color tones, too.

  5. of course. tootsie rolls. perfect if you're a stylin' rag doll. love.