Friday, February 17, 2017

enjoy the ride! (Lawn Fawn inspiration week)

Hi there!

enjoy the ride (Lawn Fawn inspiration week)

I will be completely honest. The part I love about card-making is stamping and coloring the images. Putting the cards together is, most of the time, an afterthought. And thinking of spending more time on fancy shaker cards? things that spin? light up? ugh. haha. I do love the end result, but I always find the extra effort to be too fiddly for my liking.

BUT. This new Scalloped Box Card Pop-up die turned out to be my favorite. It folds up flat, and then you pull it out of the envelope and it unfolds into a wonderful present, all on its own. I really enjoyed putting it together, and the whole family was loving the concept!

enjoy the ride (Lawn Fawn inspiration week)

I already gifted this card to a special friend over the weekend, I was so excited to create something unique for her! I know the girl's hair is kind of crazy red, but I really wanted to create something that stuck to a very tight color scheme: red, kraft and black. I love how it looks all put together!

enjoy the ride (Lawn Fawn inspiration week)

The images are from Bicycle Built for You, which will be releasing by the end of the month as well.

I hope you like it! There are more versions of the Scalloped Box Card Pop-up on the Lawn Fawn blog this morning - click!